7 Content Marketing Predictions Worth Paying Attention to in 2017

by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer - 01/30/17


We’ve combed through piles of prognostications by top marketing pundits to bring you the most compelling — and in our view, the most accurate — projections related to content marketing.

Marketing focus will shift from acquisition to engagement.

In 2017, we’ll need to shift our focus to driving growth within existing audiences—like measuring daily or weekly active users to ensure consistent engagement until conversion. Instead of just bringing you to this blog post, we should optimize it so that you engage, subscribe, and keep coming back.

Convince & Convert

Print will be a differentiator.

More brands will launch print magazines in 2017 as a way to cut through the clutter – a critical goal that has been proving increasingly difficult to do online.

Content Marketing Institute

Content promotion is (finally) a priority.

It took awhile, but many content marketers are finally looking up from behind their editorial calendars. They’ve made promoting their content a priority. They’re setting up systems to either reformat existing content, republish it, or both.


Content marketers are going to have to get more unique with the types of content they create.

They’re going to have to get higher quality, and they’re going to have to get more niche, serving smaller and smaller interest groups—but doing a better job of serving each of those.

—Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz

How Will Content Marketing Evolve in 2017? (ThinkGrowth.org)

Image-based content is going to become more important.

Now that search engines can actually see and read an image, it’s going to be a lot more impactful for us to create image-based content.

Sam Mallikarjunan, Principal Strategist at Hubspot and Advanced Marketing Instructor at Harvard Department of Continuing Education

How Will Content Marketing Evolve in 2017? (ThinkGrowth.org)

Automation continues to accelerate the buying process.

Marketing automation tools will help companies create more personalized customer journeys. This means sales and marketing teams will become more sophisticated at segmentation, offering content that feels bespoke, but—spoiler alert—is done at scale.


Words still work. 

Text-based content will still be the dominant format in 2017, whether that’s a listicle, blog post, article, or more. Text is the most adaptable format to be molded into different environments — desktop vs mobile, different editorial environments, etc. Video is expensive and much more difficult to do well, so while video can drive great engagement it is hard to produce at scale and as easily as text. Images work better with text so without a good underlying story — images struggle to tell enough of a story.


And one to grow on...

Beyond these content marketing predictions, here’s an added bonus that marketers should consider as they’re positioning themselves for 2017 and beyond:

“Full-brain” marketers will make a comeback.

Specialists will still have their place, performing discrete functions like programmatic buying or SEO, but the trend will shift toward leaders who are multi-talented generalists who can easily handle countless challenges, from creative and brand design to product marketing and demand generation and beyond. In other words, the future will favor those well-versed in both art AND science.

CMO Nation, Marketo


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