HMPS 2018 in 25 Tweets

by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer - 05/09/18


If you missed this year's Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit in Salt Lake City, we're here to alleviate your FOMO (fear of missing out).

We culled the #HMPS18 conference's 3,500+ tweets (well, most of them) to curate what we believe are the most thought-provoking insights and actionable ideas. 

Here's what #hcmktg pros are tweeting about:

Be a Chief Growth Officer, not just a Chief Marketing Officer. @HCStrategists

Why partnerships and custom content? It's organic to the experience that the reader is already having. @kldavid

Health consumers:  1-want things NOW, 2-want to feel empowered, 3-want an easy experience. @lorib_williams

Docs want content that is specific to their needs. They want information for doctors, from doctors. @amyjose21

Owned, paid, and earned media are the 3 legs of the stool — but owned media must be the starting point, says @ClevelandClinic CMO @pgmat. Integration across the 3 is key. @jamesagardner

Lucky to have Cleveland Clinic's resident search expert in the audience to answer a question about article length in SEO. He says that answering the question is more important than the length of the article. Some of their articles are 400 words and longer form are 2,000 @kldavid

On average a patient interacts with 8-15 people on their way to becoming a patient. That’s 8-15 interactions, data sets, experiences. @sarahbennight

“Marketing tech alone will never drive MROI; it’s strategy and execution. The people do the work. The technology is the tool.” -Suzanne Sawyer, PennMed @KeithFontaine

How many of you would fly an airline that made you make a phone call to fly? Then why would you NOT offer online appt access to patients??? @sarahbennight

If you approach people with real and authentic content, they respond with real and authentic content. @RenownCEOTonyMD

Be a marketing scientist. Not just a marketer. @KathyDivis

"Google doesn’t care about your content if it’s not unique. Original content is key." @mschwabel 

Average marketing budget in healthcare is .7% of net patient revenue. Compared to 5% in other industries. @jborgenicht

22% of overall marketing budgets are spent on martech tools. @amyjose21

"Get rid of boring stock photos on your hospital website. People want to see real people." @kellycmcdonald

If you don’t know your CEO’s goals and how they translate into what you do, you may stay busy, but you won’t be effective - Trish Cluff @KimKBlake 

“Google AdWords - when we see something rising in national importance, we look at our site and make sure we have content to match.” @LMccluskeyMBA

There's a direct correlation between cost per lead in a region and brand strength in that market. Map brand preference in different markets, make the connection between campaign success. @amyjose21

Urgent care is the new primary care. @kldavid

If you're spending time on content without digging into the data, you'll never be able to give the customer what they want @amyjose21

"Visit our site" is not a CTA — what the hell are people going to do there? Use specifics: make an appointment, register for a class, subscribe to our newsletter. @amyjose21

People are starting to expect seamless experiences. (Think the integration of siri, iPhone, apple watch). Going forward how will that shape how we design our patient experiences within healthcare? @Meg_Lugo

When benchmarking data, engage a steering committee to ensure you are measuring the right data @jborgenicht

“Retail has learned healthcare faster than healthcare has learned retail” @AndrewDRainey

Keep everything you're doing from a marketing standpoint short. @kldavid

And for good measure: The tweet that sums up the spirit of this event — and a call to action for all healthcare marketers:

We have to take ownership of what the future of healthcare looks like, we can't accept status quo. @amyjose21

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