3 Email Automation Tactics Proven to Grow Patient Volume

by Kayla Anderson, Marketing Manager - 02/22/17


Personalized email automation is one of the highest-converting tactics your organization can leverage to generate revenue.

Automating email response based on health risk assessment (HRA) submissions, for example, builds trust, provides helpful information, and keeps your brand top-of-mind throughout your prospect’s decision process.

In fact, according to the Epsilon Email Institute, automated email messages average 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than “business as usual” marketing messages.

Here are three types of automated email tactics proven to boost engagement and grow patient volume at your hospital or health system.

The Welcome Email

You may have experienced the following scenario in your own inbox: After reading a few helpful blog posts on a website, you sign up for their monthly newsletter. A few weeks later, you unexpectedly receive this long digest of blog posts that are completely out of context. Is it spam? Is it a virus? Oh yeah—I opted in to this list… four weeks ago.

The solution to bewildered email recipients could be your quickest win with email automation—confirm your visitor’s action on your website so they aren’t surprised when they hear from you weeks later. Thank them for granting access to their ever-overflowing inbox and let them know what to expect. That way when your monthly email arrives days or even weeks later, subscribers will be more likely to trust, open, and engage with and look forward to your email.

The Transactional Email

What happens after a website visitor takes a health risk assessment (HRA) for a service line your department is focusing on this quarter? Do they receive a single automated email from your HRA provider that sounds nothing like your brand’s voice? Or worse—they receive nothing at all.

Website conversions—like a completed HRA or an appointment request—are prime opportunities for continuing the conversation. Email makes it easy to customize your follow up and segment your lists based on risk, age, location, or other segments that allow you to further personalize your outreach and engage your audience. The more specific you can be, the better.

Imagine you take a joint replacement assessment on your local hospital’s website. Would you rather receive an automated email with your results with no next steps, or would you rather see your results with personalized recommendations, next steps, and the contact information for specialists where needed?

Email automation allows you to take it one step further: Not only can we delight users who complete the joint replacement assessment by giving them results that are easy to understand with clear next steps customized especially for them, but we can also continue the conversation and build trust.

Would you rather receive a long email with an overload of information, or actionable bits of information over time? To get the most engagement and conversions from your email segments, you may consider pairing the behavior-based trigger emails (like HRA results) with an email nurturing sequence.

The Nurturing Email Sequence

Nurturing emails seek to do just that: nurture subscribers over time to fulfill your desired action. Nurturing email sequences are especially important in healthcare, as these decisions often make a lasting impact in all facets of patients’ lives. Nurturing emails can provide helpful information, build trust, and keep your hospital at the top of your prospective patients’ minds when they are ready to book an appointment.

Use nurturing emails to continue the conversation after they take the joint replacement assessment on your website. Send them focused messages that compel them to download a guide, attend a seminar, or schedule a consultation.

Since health care decisions require time, trust, and research, automated nurturing email sequences are one of the best ways to make sure these leads do not fall through the cracks and receive the helpful information and reassurance they are looking for.

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