3 Keys to Effective Leadership Announcements

by Erin Mooney, Account Manager - 06/17/15

Do you spend precious real estate announcing leadership and staff updates in your consumer e-newsletter or custom publication? It may be time to re-think your strategy to make sure the audience is getting the most engaging content possible.


Here are three questions to ask before you feature a leadership change.

1) What is the position?

Status is the first consideration. Unless you’re talking about a president/CEO or other key executive, you probably don’t need to announce the update. There are many important individuals in an organization, but readership and ROI must be considered. Chief positions, physicians, and directors can be highlighted in more creative ways than in a dedicated article.

2) Who needs to know?

Knowing your audience is key. Don’t tell readers for the sake of telling them, because they may not read your content next time if they think it’s full of organizational updates. Who does the staff change affect? Who needs to know vs. who wants to know? Who will take the time to read it? For example, an article about a new foundation director in your community magazine may be best served on the website or in an e-newsletter article for the stakeholders who opted to receive your organization’s updates.

3) How do we tell them?

Incorporate the “announcement” in an article about something that interests the reader. Sidebars, quotes, and testimonials are a great way to integrate your organization’s information without taking up an entire article. For example, if expectant mothers in the community favor the competitor for delivery, then feature an article about pregnancy or birth and highlight the exciting changes happening at your facility. Include quotes from the new director of OB/GYN and a testimonial from a patient about how pleased she was with her care. This approach will draw readers into a topic that interests them and they’ll end up learning about your facility and new leadership in the process.

The bottom line: Don't be afraid to get creative when sharing leadership updates. You don’t necessarily need to shine a spotlight on the change with a formal announcement. Instead, embed the information in a way that readers are more likely to read, learn from, and enjoy. 

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