4 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Neglect Your Email Strategy

by Valerie Lauer, Copywriter - 05/13/16


Email may predate the Internet, but it’s far from being extinct. E-newsletter campaigns still reign supreme in the land of content strategy.

Since 1971, when the first computer-to-computer message went hurtling through an ARPANET system to land on a screen 10 feet from where it started, email has come a long way both in terms of content and reach.

Despite the fact that the marketing industry’s faith in the medium has waxed and waned over the past 40-odd years, email remains a constant. And the e-newsletter represents the pinnacle of accessible delivery with the space for marketers to craft and tailor messages to their hearts’ content.

What makes this dinosaur a contender that deserves a place at the table when you’re deciding on a content strategy?

1. Adaptablity

The best marketing is useful, engaging, and easy for your audience to understand and consume. E-newsletters accomplish all three of those goals.

E-news campaigns allow marketers to be creative, putting multimedia elements such as videos right in readers’ inboxes. You can choose to tell a story in the space you have, or link to more details on your site.

They also give readers the power of choice. In the best-case scenario, e-newsletters offer high-quality content they actually want to read in a low-pressure way. Users can open a message now or save it for later.

2. Reach

Email is everywhere. In 2015, Google reported reaching 900 million Gmail users, and it recently passed Outlook to become the most popular email provider in the country. Worldwide, there are billions of accounts, linked to people and companies.

E-news is also easy to share. That trend pans out in the B2B industry specifically, where 72 percent of buyers report being likely to pass on useful email content.

3. Return

In terms of dollars and cents, email content is hard to beat. According to Experian, each dollar spent on email marketing nets an average $44.25 in return.

4. Trust

Banner ads and pop-ups don’t exactly inspire buyer confidence. But when they receive a purposeful message with useful updates, helpful links, and information they can use in a message campaign they chose to sign up for, it’s an entirely different story.

E-newsletters carry more weight with buyers. Instead of banging against the window like so much rain, you’ve been invited to sit at the table and make your case.

Deliver the information they’ve asked for, and do it in an interesting, easy way. An estimated 44 percent of those who received email used promotional content to inform a purchase in the past year.

Learn more about how your peers are using email and other marketing channels in the State of Healthcare Content Marketing Report 2016.

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