5 Commitments for Healthcare Marketing on Social Media

by Melissa Moore, Copywriter - 08/08/16


A social media presence that’s poorly managed is worse than no social media at all. Use these tips to commit to your healthcare marketing strategy.

In healthcare marketing, social media can do it all—promote great content, generate new leads, and improve customer satisfaction by developing a genuine relationship between healthcare providers and their patients. However, using social media is a commitment that requires time and advanced planning to be used effectively.

Take these five pledges to craft a social media strategy that works for your healthcare marketing objectives:

1. DO use post automation—wisely.

Automated posts are great for filling your social media content calendar and promoting older (but still relevant) content for new views. However, don’t let automation take away one of social media’s strengths: connection with a real person. Add individual touches to scheduled messages, and ensure your scheduled posts still have personality. No one wants to read content that appears to be written by a robot. Don’t spam newsfeeds with automated content, either. Sprinkle scheduled posts over the month to avoid overwhelming your readers.

2. DON’T set it and forget it.

Whether automated or ad hoc, your social media posts should be routinely analyzed to measure performance. Social media reports help you understand whether or not your hard work is actually effective. Use data to understand what content resonates with your audience and which posting times work best, and adjust your practices accordingly.

3. DO think about your social channel. 

What works for Twitter (home of 140-character messages and breaking news) won’t work for Instagram (an entirely photo-centric network). Messages should be custom-made for the network they’re featured on. Tweets should be pithy, while Facebook posts should feature more information and an image to promote engagement. Posts to LinkedIn should have a professional tone for a professional audience.

4. DON’T auto-reply or auto-message.

Hootsuite does not support auto direct messages (DMs) on Twitter, and for good reason: Auto DMs are rarely helpful, and they’re often read as spam. If you do need to DM a customer, keep it managed by a real person. This builds meaningful relationships and allows for a timely, effective response to a potential problem. Similarly, auto-replies seem like a useful tool but can often create more problems than they solve. Stick to person-managed replies to avoid any disastrous social media mistakes.

5. DO share, after reading.

Sharing articles, infographics, and images from other reputable sources is a great way to build brand credibility. However, carefully read these articles, especially if they are going to be automated. Sharing incorrect or inappropriate information can backfire your attempts to educate your audience.

Need helping building content for your social channels or want to take advantage of analytics tools? True North Custom can help. Contact Chief Marketing Officer Jason Skinner to learn more.

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