5 Must-Haves for a Successful Content Strategy

by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer - 12/22/15


2015 was the Year of Content. It was also an outstanding year for True North Custom, as we developed more than 1.3 million custom words and deployed more than 6 million print and digital touches for clients. We learned a ton through these experiences and as the holidays approach, we’re thrilled to share these key insights with you.

Whether your marketing goals involve brand building or generating demand for key services, there are certain elements that must be taken into account to achieve your strategic objectives. To help you become a content marketing maven, here are five best practices that must be applied for a successful strategy:

1. Content is the crux of a successful campaign.

Engaging consumers, building top-of-mind status, and profitable service line growth requires a commitment to delivering relevant, engaging content that your target audience wants to read. The results of this inbound approach are remarkable: Visitors to our campaign sites who view three or more pages of content are 10 times more likely to make an appointment.

2. Integration is the new imperative.

Leveraging the precision of your print magazine with the digital experience is the most effective way to move consumers through the buying process. In fact, our research of more than 4,000 healthcare consumers discovered that after receiving a custom publication, the number one action taken was visiting the organization’s website to learn more, complete an assessment, or schedule an appointment.

3. Mobile responsiveness is a must.

The mobile experience reflects the level of quality and service your prospects can expect, and Google now rewards websites that are designed with mobile visitors in mind. All of our digital components feature mobile responsive design, and more than 60% of our digital content is consumed on a mobile device—compared to 25% on a tablet and 15% on a desktop.

4. Email is still effective.

Social media is sexy but e-mail moves the needle, with conversion rates 40X higher than Facebook and Twitter according to Kissmetrics. Our average e-mail click-to-open rates (21%)—the most meaningful metric of user engagement—are significantly higher than the industry average (9%).

5. Nurturing works.

Not everyone who visits a campaign site is ready to take action, which is why we’ve developed a trigger-and-drip component that nurtures prospects through the decision cycle. Site visitors who return to the campaign site after receiving a drip email are 24 times more likely to take action compared to consumers who visit the site via other methods.

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