A Conversation with Content Strategists Part 1: Keeping Up With Trends

by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer - 01/02/20

week5_shutterstock_745061995In this series of interviews with healthcare content strategy leads, we share expert perspectives on the elements of an effective healthcare content strategy.

Hospitals and health systems continue investing in content as a proven way to engage consumers, physicians and other constituents. As these strategies evolve, healthcare organizations are tapping into the talents of content experts to guide audience targeting, channel integration and other elements of an effective marketing program.

The content strategist role is emerging as a key driver of engagement and growth within the healthcare marketing department. We spoke with three of these content strategy leads:

Rebecca Stewart, Senior Director of Content at Hartford HealthCare 

Amy-Sarah Marshall, Online Content Strategist at UVA Health System

Kristen Kimmel, Program Manager, Content Marketing at Children’s Health

In this first article in the series, we find out how these experts keep up with content-related issues and trends. To support your 2020 goals, here are a few of their favorite newsletters, podcasts and other resources that inform and inspire their healthcare content strategy.

How Content Strategists Stay Current

Kristen: I enjoy taking advantage of webinars and have been tuning into Conductor’s monthly 30/30 webinar—which is 30 minutes on the last 30 days in search and content. As any content marketing professional probably does, I look forward to receiving my editions of Total Annarchy, Ann Handley’s newsletter. 

Rebecca: I am a big consumer of all things from the Content Marketing Institute. I read everything I can get my hands on there. I really like to read your Healthcare Insight magazine—True North has great insight. I also go to conferences whenever I can—I like reviewing work from the Forum for Healthcare Strategists and SHSMD. I recently attended the Strategic Marketing Conference with Modern Healthcare, as well. I love learning from colleagues at other organizations.

Amy-Sarah: I love the Moz Top Ten weekly newsletter for SEO updates. I also subscribe to various newsletters from MedPage Today. For me, though, the best way to generate content is to just listen to my friends, neighbors and community members. Their concerns and questions drive me to find answers in a way that is personal and warm. I don’t need to invent a persona to help me shape content when I’ve got that connection already established.

Our Favorite Resources

We also polled our team of content strategists at True North Custom to find out what sparks inspiring content ideas and approaches. Here are a few of our team’s must-haves for healthcare content marketing professionals:

Look for the next article in our “Conversations with Healthcare Content Strategists” series focusing on their primary goals and target audiences. 

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