Video: Advancing Healthcare Marketing Strategy through Storytelling

by Heather Hammond, Managing Editor - 07/02/19


Storytelling is a hallmark of modern marketing, and best-selling author Seth Godin even went as far as to say, “Marketing is storytelling.” 

The science behind storytelling is compelling: A fact wrapped in a story is 22 times more memorable than a fact alone. In this webinar recording (inspired by a recent blog post), find out how to reimagine your content and spotlight your service lines, physicians, technology and even awards through engaging stories that create an emotional connection with your audience.

Led by True North Custom Managing Editor Heather Hammond, the webinar features case studies from healthcare organizations leveraging storytelling to differentiate their brands and drive revenue growth.

Let Us Help Tell Your Stories

To help you craft effective stories, we've created a guide titled The 10 Rules of Storytelling in Health Care.

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