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Anatomy of a Social Media Meltdown

10/18/17 by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing

When social media marketing misfires, what would your team do?


Social Media: A Key PR Tool

07/31/17 by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing, Paid Media & Advertising

Social media has changed how PR professionals work. Now it’s time to make it work for you.

The main goal of public relations (PR) is to get your latest information in front of an audience. Whether this audience is comprised of members of the press, potential patients, or any other group, you’re always conveying a message that you have the solution to consumers’ problems. Social media lets you put that news directly in front of your reader, and many platforms provide tools to help you do it more easily and effectively.


3 Ways to Create More Engaging Content

07/05/17 by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter

Topics: Content Strategy

In an overly-saturated media environment, more content isn’t necessarily the answer—more engaging content is.

In a Content Marketing Institute report from 2016, the majority of marketers said their biggest challenge was “creating enough engaging content.” Some content marketers decided the dilemma could be solved by churning out a constant stream of content. 


Finding Your Audience: Geotargeting in Healthcare Marketing

06/07/17 by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter

Topics: Audience Segmentation & Targeting

Audience segmentation in healthcare is no longer just about patient population. Now it can be about location, location, location.

You probably already know how to target personalized ads to specific patient populations based on demographics—now it’s time to apply that to location. Imagine a patient sitting in a competing hospital’s emergency department lobby with a knee injury, waiting hours to be seen, killing time on his smartphone as he waits. What if you could feed that patient an advertisement about your facility’s short ER wait times or your urgent care facility’s capabilities? This scenario is a possibility in today’s high-tech world, thanks to built-in GPS navigation found on most smart devices.


Children's Hospital Improves Email Program with A/B Testing

06/07/17 by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing, Healthcare Case Studies

Did you know a simple experiment can optimize your email marketing?

If you want to know which email subject line, article headline, arrival time, or even button color is most likely to garner results, let your readers decide. A/B testing is an easy, painless way to evaluate several approaches to sending out mass emails and determining which options provide you with the best results.


Tips and Tricks to Become a Paid Search Master

03/13/17 by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing

Grab the attention of patients and prospects by using paid search to place well-tailored ads at their fingertips.


Speak Your CFO’s Language: Why Good Communication Between Marketing and the C-Suite is Crucial

03/08/17 by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter

Topics: Professional Development

Effective communication with your CFO isn’t just a bonus—it’s a necessity.


Optimize Your Email List Segmentation

02/27/17 by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing, Audience Segmentation & Targeting

Want to boost your email marketing engagement and ROI? Effective list segmentation is essential.


How to Build Better, More Effective Facebook Ads

02/06/17 by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing, Paid Media & Advertising

The most effective Facebook ads are highly targeted and guide your audience through the buying process.

Targeted Facebook ads allow you zero in on specific audiences to make the ads more appealing to where they are in the buying process. The low cost, combined with the ability to target based on Facebook demographics and known preferences, means you can create an ad for each segment of your audience for each goal of your campaign.


Subdomains Versus Subfolders: The Great Debate

12/26/16 by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

Blogging provides you with great content opportunities. But do you position your blog up as a subdomain or a subfolder on your website?


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