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Distributing and Measuring Part 3: Best Practices for SEO

09/23/15 by James Colvin

Welcome to the final installment of our three-part series: Distributing and Measuring the performance of your content.

To wrap up this series, let’s discuss the the final piece you should consider when crafting a content marketing strategy: SEO. Going back to the buying process, the goal of this content is to place it front and center during the Information Search step, so being optimized for search is integral. SEO is a large practice on its own (For a quick refresher, check out our infographic!), but you can focus on social sharing and the formatting of your content immediately.


3 Steps to a Killer Content Marketing Strategy

08/25/15 by James Colvin

There are plenty of resources about best practices around content marketing for B2C businesses. However, the buying process is a lot more complex for healthcare consumers.

Unfortunately, healthcare and finance marketers can’t simply put a “Buy Now” button on their site for a hip replacement or mortgage.

Is content marketing worth the effort? Of course it is! In fact, due to the nature of the buying process in these industries, content marketing is a huge opportunity to educate and nurture your target audience.


Don’t Leave Your Content Marketing on Autopilot—Experiment!

07/10/15 by James Colvin

In my last post on data-driven marketing (Why We Love Measurement Plans—And You Should Too!), I discussed the importance of getting all your ducks in a row before launching a marketing campaign by constructing a measurement plan. Now let’s talk about how to improve your campaign once its out among the masses.

Hopefully, you now have a measurement plan in hand and your campaign is live and bringing in leads. The next question to ask is: How can I make this better?” The answer, to paraphrase from the real estate industry, is Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!


Webinar: How to Measure What Really Matters in Healthcare Marketing

07/08/15 by James Colvin

Topics: Webinar Recordings, Measurement & Analytics

In the latest installment in our webinar series for marketing strategists, True North experts James Colvin and Jason Skinner share best practices on how to identify and measure the most meaningful healthcare marketing metrics.



Why We Love Measurement Plans (And You Should, Too!)

05/29/15 by James Colvin

Previously I’ve talked about key metrics for digital marketing and some tips for successful marketing measurement. This time, I’d like to go all the way back to the start: Why it’s important to plan how you'll measure your marketing before the marketing even starts—and why we love doing it.


Webinar: Measure Up Your Credit Union Marketing

05/13/15 by James Colvin

In the latest installment in our webinar series for marketing strategists, True North experts Kevin Lytle and James Colvin share best practices for delivering measurable results for your marketing.


3 Tips for Successful Marketing Measurement

04/23/15 by James Colvin

It’s no secret that the question, Is my marketing making an impact? keeps most marketers up at night. Even with the tsunami of analytic tools that have emerged, some marketers feel overwhelmed by the data-driven approach to marketing.

Consider these three helpful tips next time youre setting a marketing campaign into motion.


3 Key Metrics of Digital Marketing

02/06/15 by James Colvin

Topics: Digital Marketing, Measurement & Analytics

With digital marketing more prevalent than ever, measuring its true impact is essential. Let's explore three levels on which you can track performance of digital campaigns.

According to Gartner’s 2014 Digital Marketing Spending Report, digital marketing spending averaged one-quarter of companies’ marketing budgets in 2014, and more than half of the companies surveyed plan to increase their digital spending in 2015 by an average of 17 percent. As digital marketing takes up a larger amount of the marketing budget, measuring the efficacy of those efforts becomes more and more important. Here are three metrics that marketers can use to measure the performance of a digital strategy.


Measuring engagement can primarily be done using Google Analytics by properly setting up Goals within your account. Look at the metrics that confirm if people are reading our content and sharing it with others. Measurements such as pages per session and session duration demonstrate that people are looking at the content being shared—and that theyre spending a good amount of time perusing the subject matter. While its more complex to set up, monitoring downloads of images or other content as well as sharing across social networks is also valuable feedback on whether your online content marketing is resonating with readers.


Direct Mail: If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

11/14/14 by James Colvin

We recently discussed the benefits of a targeted mail list. Now, let’s talk about how you can measure the effectiveness of direct mail.

Whenever an ROI measure is needed for a campaign, marketers should start by defining the target audience and identifying a second group of households that are similar to the target households receiving the marketing. This group is called a control group, and it should be identical to the target group except this group doesn’t receive the marketing. The purpose of identifying this group is to compare them with the marketing group to see if the marketing group’s behavior is demonstrably different due to the marketing.


Create smart marketing campaigns through targeted mail lists

06/12/14 by James Colvin

As hospital marketing budgets are continually threatened with budget cuts, marketers need to get smarter about how they spend their precious dollars. How can you be sure your marketing is reaching the right people, with the right message, through the right channel? The first step is increasing your targeting accuracy with a database tool that analyzes patient and community data to identify the best recipients. Here's a quick look at how the Intelligent Relationship Marketing (IRM) tool from True North does exactly that.


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