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The Critical Role of Quality Control in Content Marketing

06/13/18 by Josh Garcia, Copywriter

Topics: Content Marketing

Creating engaging content is a priority for any content marketer — but it doesn't end there: Accuracy is key to building trust and respect among your consumers, physicians, and other constituents.


Case Study: Integrated Content Strategy Drives Growth for Community Hospital

04/25/18 by Josh Garcia, Copywriter

Topics: Healthcare Case Studies

Delivering custom content across multiple channels has allowed Angie Fabian, chief marketing and development officer at Summit Healthcare in Show Low, Arizona, to increase the hospital’s market share while developing a closer relationship with her audience.


Speaking the Culture: Marketing to Hispanic and Latino Audiences

03/07/18 by Josh Garcia, Copywriter

Topics: Audience Segmentation & Targeting, Content Marketing

Successfully marketing to Hispanic and Latino communities requires a thorough understanding of language, culture, and the intersection of the two.


Ask These 3 Questions to Future-Proof Your Marketing Strategy

12/13/17 by Josh Garcia, Copywriter

Topics: Audience Segmentation & Targeting, Healthcare Industry Insights & Trends

With delivery models changing rapidly, healthcare organizations that regularly ask questions about their consumer base can adapt their messages—and, more importantly, how those messages are delivered—to better engage patients, prospective patients, and clinicians along their healthcare journeys.


Marketing: A Story in Three Acts

10/04/17 by Josh Garcia, Copywriter

Topics: Content Strategy, Content Marketing

To move your reader to act, present a compelling story to your audience that provides solutions to their healthcare needs.


Spurring Action and Reaction with Email Trigger Campaigns

07/24/17 by Josh Garcia, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing, Audience Segmentation & Targeting

The key to a great trigger campaign is notifying your audience of a service precisely when they need it.

Healthcare marketers can take advantage of CRM databases to deliver messages when they are most relevant to consumers.


User Experience Is Key to Effective Digital Healthcare Marketing

05/17/17 by Josh Garcia, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing

For healthcare marketers, nothing is more important than ensuring a user’s experience is pleasant and intuitive.


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