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Ask the Expert: Best Practices for Email Nurturing

03/27/17 by Kaitlin Gunter, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing

You’ve purchased a marketing automation system and aren't sure where to start. No need to panic. Tyler Hardekopf, vice president of operations at True North Custom, is here to help.

During the past decade at True North Custom—and his 20 years of experience in digital marketing—Tyler has honed his email marketing skills, implementing a score of successful behavior-based email campaigns for a large client base. Here, he shares his perspective for some of marketers’ common questions about email nurturing.


Building an Engaged Subscriber List for Effective Lead Nurturing

02/15/17 by Kaitlin Gunter, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing, Audience Segmentation & Targeting, Content Strategy


Grow Your Leadership Skills By Taking Risks

01/16/17 by Kaitlin Gunter, Copywriter

Topics: Professional Development

To facilitate your growth as a leader, it’s important that you get out of your comfort zone. Seek out different ways of relating to yourself, others, and your world.

It seems like nearly everyone wants to be a better leader, and everyone else is offering advice. Instead of just learning new ideas, try to find new experiences that will enhance your leadership development. 


3 Great Podcasts to Raise Your Marketing Game

12/12/16 by Kaitlin Gunter, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing, Content Strategy, Professional Development

When it comes to best marketing practices, you often need to look outside of your organization—but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the office. Stay current by subscribing to these top marketing podcasts.


How to Style Automated Welcome Messages for More Consumer Engagement

09/13/16 by Kaitlin Gunter, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing

Automated welcome messages can increase your level of engagement with customers—if they read the first message, they are 18 percent more likely to read other messages from you.


Infographic: Stop Straining Your Eyes and Sitting Too Much at Work

06/27/16 by Kaitlin Gunter, Copywriter

Topics: Professional Development

People spend close to eight hours a day sitting, and many of those hours occur while at work and looking at a screen.

These habits can have severe negative health effects, but we have a list of the eight best ways to combat them. 


5 Ways to Build an Engaged Email Subscriber List

05/23/16 by Kaitlin Gunter, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing


Gathering email addresses of reliable and engaged email subscribers takes time, so think of the process as a grassroots campaign—you’ll have to start small and build momentum.

Getting an email list isn’t as easy as purchasing a postal mailing list from a mail house—and it shouldn’t be. While companies are out there that will sell or rent you a list of email addresses, this won’t allow you to reach the audience you want. Your email list should to be stocked with people from your community who want to read your information and won’t mark your email as spam.


3 Mantras for Marketing Healthcare to Millennial Parents

05/06/16 by Kaitlin Gunter, Copywriter

Topics: Audience Segmentation & Targeting, Content Strategy


Engaging any audience begins with strategic content and the first step is digging deeper into value systems. For millennials—or those ages 18 to 33—consider the multiple perspectives they will likely take to any healthcare decision.

Technology-driven young adults, millennials thrive on the aspect of connectivity to the Internet and social platforms. Regardless of whether your entire approach includes digital projects or a multipronged approach to marketing, build technology into your content with these ideas in mind:


5 Ways to Make Stress Work for You

04/07/16 by Kaitlin Gunter, Copywriter

Topics: Professional Development

Stress often gets a bad reputation, but what if you welcomed it and found better outcomes as a result? 


Why Should You Care About SEO?

03/04/16 by Kaitlin Gunter, Copywriter

Topics: Search Engine Optimization

When using a search engine such as Google or Bing, almost two-thirds of Internet users click through to one of the top three results returned. If your website doesn’t appear there—or at least on the first page of results—the chances of your site getting organic Web traffic is slim to none.

So how can you increase the chances that your website information reaches its intended audience? Understanding and using search engine optimization (SEO) best practices can help.


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