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Top Ways to Track Campaign Spend and Illustrate ROI

04/03/17 by Katy Mena-Berkley, Copywriter

Topics: Healthcare Industry Insights & Trends

When it comes to healthcare marketing, illustrating a successful return on investment is critical. Now more than ever, the medical marketplace has a laser focus on communicating the value of services and strong networks of loyal patients. 


4 Decluttering Tips to Organize Your Space and Enhance Your Life

03/20/17 by Katy Mena-Berkley, Copywriter

Topics: Professional Development

Getting rid of items you no longer need and organizing papers and knick-knacks can significantly reduce stress and enhance productivity. Find out how to streamline this often-daunting task with these decluttering tips.

We all have those drawers, tables, and closets filled with items we may not use every single day but simply can’t bear to part with. Or maybe your office clutter is less material and more digital with stacks of unread reports, inboxes rife with emails, and voicemails that remain unreturned.


3 Easy and Workplace-Friendly Exercises to Incorporate Into Your Day

01/11/17 by Katy Mena-Berkley, Copywriter

Topics: Professional Development

Get moving during the workday to boost creativity, productivity, and physical health.

You know the feeling. You and the rest of your team have been chained to your desks to finish a big project. And you’re starting to hurt. Maybe one of your legs has fallen asleep. Or perhaps your back is beginning to ache. Factor in the lethargy that develops when you sit for long periods of time, plus the monotony of staring at a screen for hours on end, and you’ve got a recipe for lost productivity. The good news is, turning the tables may be as simple as adding a little movement to your day.


Hospital CEOs and Marketing Professionals: Teaming Up to Deliver Powerful Messages

12/28/16 by Katy Mena-Berkley, Copywriter

Topics: Measurement & Analytics, Professional Development

When it comes to healthcare marketing, collaborating with your organization’s top decision-makers is a key strategy for success.


3 Considerations When Creating an Editorial Calendar

10/20/16 by Katy Mena-Berkley, Copywriter

Topics: Content Strategy

Follow these guidelines when planning topics for your paid, earned, and owned media.


Google Analytics and Customized Reports

09/06/16 by Katy Mena-Berkley, Copywriter

Whether or not you consider yourself a tech person, the truth of the matter is you have to get in the game when it comes to connecting with your existing or potential customers online. Customized reports through Google Analytics can help you understand how your message is being received.


Creating a Culture of Mindfulness: Exploring the Benefits of Workplace Meditation

08/29/16 by Katy Mena-Berkley, Copywriter

Topics: Professional Development

The practice of meditation can be a powerful tool to enhance productivity and wellness in the workplace.

Flooded with conference calls, deadlines, and the tireless pursuit of exceeding expectations of clients and colleagues, the workplace can be a stressful and overwhelming environment. Giving in to the anxiety is the natural tendency for many people. In fact, many professionals like to wear their anxiety as a badge of honor, proof that they are in the trenches, willing to sacrifice self-care and calmness for the sake of the bottom line.


Choosing the Best Content for Healthcare Consumers

06/29/16 by Katy Mena-Berkley, Copywriter

Topics: Content Strategy

Today’s medical customers are craving content with an edge, chunks of colorful information, and engaging personal stories with magnetic appeal.

As the medical industry transitions from the fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement model, the way the industry’s marketing professionals are connecting with prospective patients is shifting, as well.


3 Ways to Harness the Power of Positivity in the Workplace

06/13/16 by Katy Mena-Berkley, Copywriter

Topics: Professional Development

Workplace happiness is essential to improving the health of your employees and your organization.

In a results-driven society, overlooking the contentment that you and your employees experience during the work day is easy to do. But when employees and managers feel nervous, rushed, or stressed, the negative emotions sometimes result in work that takes longer or is not as strong as it might have been if optimism had played a greater role during workflow. And your bottom line may suffer as a result.


How Leading Banks Create Captivating Content

06/02/16 by Katy Mena-Berkley, Copywriter

Topics: Financial Marketing, Content Strategy

In a tense and uncertain economic climate, crafting and presenting compelling content can be intimidating to many financial marketers who may choose to play it safe to avoid unnecessary headaches of the regulatory requirements.

Don’t buy into the fear. You needn’t sell yourself or your potential customers short when it comes to crafting engaging content. By working with your compliance officer or attorney during the planning stages, you can develop creative marketing plans that adhere to strict regulatory requirements while still getting your message to your clients and prospects. Take a cue from a few companies highlighted by the Content Marketing Institute for the ways they connect with their customers.


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