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5 Steps to Successful Email Automation

04/11/18 by Tyler Hardekopf, Director of Digital Products

Topics: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing

Achieve effective digital marketing through email automation.

It's a modern marketer's dilemma: While incorporating automation and other new technologies is essential to evolve as a marketer, it often consumes valuable time that we simply do not have. Those who excel in this environment have learned the importance of making investments that not only produce results, but where time is spent optimizing results and not dominated by the ongoing production and distribution of content.


4 Constants in The Ever-Shifting World of SEO

08/28/17 by Tyler Hardekopf, Director of Digital Products

Topics: Digital Marketing

Is search engine optimization really always changing?

You bang out a killer blog post, chock full of the proper SEO keywords that are sure to catapult your post to the top of Google’s search engine. That night, you sleep easy, knowing your site is about to get blasted with visitors. Heck, there may even be so much traffic in the morning that your server will get shut down. CONTINUE READING

The Anatomy of a Healthcare Landing Page That Converts

01/15/16 by Tyler Hardekopf, Director of Digital Products

Topics: Digital Marketing

Landing pages are some of the best tools for converting your website’s anonymous visitors into measurable leads. By enabling marketers to gather information and track behavior, landing pages are an integral step between making a consumer aware of your hospital’s brand and nurturing them to schedule an appointment.

There are a lot of resources and best practices for landing pages in the B2C space where consumers are looking to purchase a specific product. However, health decisions are more complicated than simply weighing the pros and cons of quality and price. These decisions can involve higher emotion and increased risk; requiring more research and nurturing with relevant content than a traditional, ecommerce style landing page provides.


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