Building an Engaged Subscriber List for Effective Lead Nurturing

by Kaitlin Gunter, Copywriter - 02/15/17


To convert potential consumers, woo them directly from their inbox with automated drip emails.

Email is a powerful tool for your marketing toolbox. Here's why:

1. It's an outlet you own.

You are no longer dependent on social media outlets to pursue consumers you do not know on algorithms you do not manage, according to Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi.

2. You build qualified numbers. 

“As much as all of us would like to have huge email lists, it’s not just about building your numbers,” says Allison Bryan, senior account supervisor for True North Custom. “You want your messages to be read by people who want to hear them. That’s engagement.”

Engaged subscribers are likely to open your emails and actually read them, Allison says, which leads to brand awareness and loyalty.

If you have an un-engaged list, you’re wasting time sending content to people who don’t want it and won’t read it—no matter how relevant the topic or how well the piece is written, Allison says.

3. You gain a reputation as a subject matter expert. 

Through email engagement, you are giving email subscribers access to pivotal answers—personalized to meet them where they are in the buyer’s journey.  This generates brand support, placing your brand front and center in their minds so that prospective patients turn to your hospital when they are ready to make a decision.

4. It builds on what you are already doing.

Marketing departments are juggling multiple communication channels to engage their communities with relevant information. Email is the best way to get the most mileage from the content developed for your blog, print publications, and other owned media channels.

Here's an example: 

True North Custom creates a digital campaign for a client designed to drive volume for a specific service line using email automation.

“We build a digital landing page for the service line campaign, inviting potential consumers to subscribe to our content via email. Once they opt-in, giving us permission to send them content, we drip automated email messages pertaining to this specific procedure they are interested in," says Senior UX Designer Eric Clarkson. “In these emails, we provide patient testimonials, brief physician introductions, and other content that humanizes the patient experience and ultimately helps our audience make informed health decisions while also generating conversions.”

Here are some tried and true tactics to build an engage subscriber list. 

Do you use Facebook or Google Ads? 

Use a pay-per-click advertisement, directing potential consumers to your signup page. Offer them something of value—a white paper or webinar, for example. All you need from them is an email address.

Frame it this way:

We want to meet your needs, so here is a gift from us. Once we receive your email and verify it, we can send you this gift (content) and then continue supplying you with free content—all of which ships directly to your personal email address.

Do you send out postcards?

Create a postcard campaign promoting your e-newsletter to readers. Again, the incentive cannot be the end game, the e-newsletter. Offer them something in addition to that, like video content packed with preventive health tips suggested by doctors.

Do you want to extend your e-newsletter audience?

Offer your current subscribers an incentive to share your e-newsletter signup link. Gain email addresses while rewarding the consumer whose social share lands the highest number of new email subscribers.

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