Case Study: Digital Content Drives Consumer Engagement for Health System

by Charlie Milburn, Senior Account Supervisor - 01/12/16


The right balance of content—informed by a clear strategy and supported by data analysis—positions one of the largest health systems in the southwest as a trusted source for wellness content that connects readers to local physicians and services.


A regional health system in the Southwest turned to True North Custom for help in creating targeted, high-quality content for its consumer-focused digital content hub. Though the site was already developed, it was not reaching its full potential as a source of information and referrals.

A larger volume of content designed specifically for online readers and provided by True North has helped increase site views and unique visitors dramatically while positioning the multi-hospital system’s medical staff as experts and leaders in their fields.


The website content campaign focuses on five key goals:

  1. Drive traffic
  2. Increase engagement
  3. Highlight medical professionals
  4. Reinforce the brand across the market
  5. Position the website as an online health and wellness destination for area consumers

Marketing Strategy

To accomplish these objectives, diverse, highly readable content is created and posted each month in seven different categories:


By interspersing general wellness articles featuring expert guidance from system providers with local content provided by individual facilities, the website engages readers on multiple levels while boosting the health system’s image and keeping readers connected to their local health system.

Articles are crafted with the specific goals of engaging and enticing online viewers. Ghost-written “Ask the Expert” content helps readers become more familiar with the system’s names, faces, and areas of care. Producing a larger quantity of high-quality custom content raises the website’s ranking in organic search results in the area, leading to more unique views and engagement.

Our content is designed to drive results. The path starts with engagement that leads to interaction and ultimately to conversion—and through this process, we’ve learned that web visitors who view three or more pages are 10x more likely to make an appointment.

Twenty or more unique posts are added to the website each month, and content is teased and linked within e-newsletters, social media, and other channels to drive additional traffic.

Further, analyzing page performance and session duration allows True North to identify content that resonates the most with area readers, optimizing performance and guiding future editorial strategy for even better results.


Increasing content volume and consistency has led to a dramatic increase in website traffic and user engagement. In fact, there was a 175% increase in user sessions compared to the previous year. 

Additionally, the site received over 100,000 page views Oct. 2014 through May 2015:


Producing the increased amount of content was simply not something the system could accomplish on its own. Now, thanks to the partnership with True North, website content is updated regularly and the website continues to rise in organic search results.


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