Case Study: Integrated Content Strategy Drives Growth for Community Hospital

by Josh Garcia, Copywriter - 04/25/18


Delivering custom content across multiple channels has allowed Angie Fabian, chief marketing and development officer at Summit Healthcare in Show Low, Arizona, to increase the hospital’s market share while developing a closer relationship with her audience.

“Our community is very small, so we know exactly what our different demographics want to see,” Fabian says. “And we reach out to them using a variety of media channels.”

Summit Healthcare works with True North Custom to produce print, digital, and social media as part of their integrated content strategy. Custom messages are directed to target demographics with coordinated calls to action (CTAs) that drive readers to Summit Healthcare’s popular community newsletter, which provides news and updates that keep Summit Healthcare top of mind as a trusted healthcare resource within the community.

“A lot of people really like the print newsletter, and many others subscribe to our e-newsletter,” Fabian says. “These sources keep people up to date, even if they’re not coming into the medical center.”

In addition to digital newsletters, Summit Healthcare keeps physical copies in clinics for patients and visitors to take with them. Social media posts also help direct readers to Summit Healthcare’s newsletter and website.

“We really want to educate people throughout the community about preventive healthcare,” Fabian says. “Patients can help stop more serious conditions from developing if they keep up with preventive care.”

Meeting Audiences Where They Are

In order to better educate its community, Summit Healthcare created a YouTube channel that launched in 2017. The channel includes the “Summit Health Cares” video series, which is made up of dozens of podcast-style interviews with staff members and experts about healthcare topics that range from patient safety to pediatric health.

“Our YouTube videos are also shared on our other social media channels such as Facebook,” Fabian says. “In addition to our regular interviews, we post seminar videos for people who were unable to attend in person.”

Direct mail campaigns are also used to notify the community about seminars and services offered by the medical center.

“Not everyone knows that Summit Healthcare has such a wide range of services available,” Fabian says. “This isn’t usual for such a small town, so it’s important that we get the word out, and we use as many media channels as possible to reach a larger audience.”

By providing custom content with clear CTAs in multiple places and coordinating the messages across channels, Fabian feels the hospital has the best opportunity for its message to be heard by the people who need it most — now and in the future.

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