Choosing the Best Content for Healthcare Consumers

by Katy Mena-Berkley, Copywriter - 06/29/16


Today’s medical customers are craving content with an edge, chunks of colorful information, and engaging personal stories with magnetic appeal.

As the medical industry transitions from the fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement model, the way the industry’s marketing professionals are connecting with prospective patients is shifting, as well.

Patients today have the opportunity to partner with their healthcare providers and help create the best possible outcomes. Communication is key to making this partnership a success.

To ensure that potential patients have the information they need to make informed decisions about personal health, healthcare systems are employing the use of digital and interactive media. This allows consumers to connect with critical information that is interesting, seamless, and powerful.

Top Tips for Expert Communicators 

Presenters at the Ragan Health Care Communicators Conference in Baltimore hammered home the concept of presenting candid, honest data and stories utilizing digital methods of communication.  

Specifically, presenters and attendees discussed the importance of featuring doctors delivering unscripted key messages on in-house marketing videos. Storytelling is especially effective, offering marketers the opportunity to personally relate to potential patients and families. Social media should be utilized to connect with media and patients quickly, especially during times when communication challenges are unfolding. 

The Many Faces of Facebook 

Taking the social media conversation one step further, James Calder, Director of Social Marketing at Wound Care Advantage, underscored the value of Facebook with adult populations of patients. In his article, medical marketers are advised to utilize Facebook as a tool to share graphics and videos informing social media users about specific service lines. But it’s not all about promoting the healthcare system in question.

Marketers are also encouraged to welcome feedback of any kind from patients, positive or negative, on social media and then address customer concerns offline, honoring privacy and building trust.

That sense of partnership may also be explored via social media by connecting users with information about community organizations and events in line with your healthcare system’s goals.

Marketers may also find value by investing a few dollars to advertise on social media platforms, gaining exposure to a new audience. The investment is minimal but may pay dividends in the long run.

The Power of Video

Don’t be afraid to channel your inner Martin Scorsese when crafting compelling content for hospital videos. Hire a team of experts or recruit members of your own team to interview patients and physicians to identify impactful stories that will intrigue audiences and spark conversations. Capture those stories on digital video, edit, and embed the content on YouTube or your healthcare system’s website. Brand your services by featuring segments about key programs and the clinicians and researchers on your team as well as the journeys of the patients you serve. Take advantage of this powerful form of communication at everyone’s fingertips.

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