Content Marketing Must-Haves for Reaching Millennials

by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter - 04/18/18


Making your healthcare content more interactive and shareable is always a good idea — and essential for engaging millennials.

The United States Census Bureau approximates that there are 83.7 million members of the millennial generation (born from 1982–2000) in the U.S. Compared to previous generations, this audience is far more likely to review medical advice online and use urgent care in the absence of a primary care physician, making millennials an ideal demographic for healthcare marketers to mine.

Sure, millennials gravitate toward digital and social media platforms but they are open to multiple marketing channels. However, they require two things from brands to whom they are loyal, including their healthcare providers: connection and convenience.

These key elements can manifest in your content marketing through interactivity that sparks a conversation and subject matter that's worth sharing. 

Interactivity Is Important

Both of these requisites can be addressed in part by making your hospital or health system’s website and other digital content more interactive. From educational blog posts about flu season that put faces to your doctors’ names to online scheduling that means your patients don’t have to make phone calls to set appointments, interactivity may take many forms. What form you choose is determined by your target audience.

Are you trying to draw in more families to your pediatric service line? Try a text-chat technology that allows parents to ask a real doctor or nurse in your practice health questions. Are you trying to bring in more millennials for regular wellness visits? Consider an infographic stressing the benefits of these checkups, or a Buzzfeed-style quiz that addresses chronic disease risk or explains how long is too long between wellness visits.

Creating Shareable Content Is Caring

Did you know that health information is one of the areas of the internet with the highest levels of traffic? It’s the sort of information that’s highly shareable. If your site features quizzes, infographics, or blog posts that people find useful, chances are good they’ll share it with friends and family—especially if you include social sharing links.

While this is true across a broad range of demographics (Who hasn’t seen Mom or Grandma share the newest tip for fighting off the flu?), it is especially useful if you’re targeting millennials. They tend to rely on friends and family for healthcare recommendations, which include the implicit approval that comes with content sharing.

What’s more, according to Content Marketing Institute research, 75% of people agree that interactive content allows them to “sample” a brand. The result: When potential patients get a taste of the caring, compassionate atmosphere of your hospital or health system, they’re more likely to come in for a visit.

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