Establishing a Unique Voice: Content Marketing for Children’s Hospitals

by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter - 01/31/18

content marketing childrens hospital

For children’s hospitals to establish themselves as a trustworthy resource in the community, they must find their unique voice.

Engaging consumers with unique content sets your brand apart as an authority on that subject matter. As a children’s hospital, focusing on your unique content and voice gives you the chance to illustrate exactly how you meet needs other healthcare providers aren’t. Are you addressing the elephant in the room by tackling topics other hospitals are afraid to touch? Are you answering questions area parents don’t even know they have?

If you want to reach parents in your community while differentiating your children’s hospital brand, take the opportunity to put the information they need and want at their fingertips—with your fingerprints clearly on it. Here are three proven ways to engage parents based on our work with several nationally ranked children’s hospitals.

Don’t Shy Away From Tough Stuff

The focus of Cook Children’s Health Care System’s publication Checkup is population health, a common target for many healthcare marketers. How Cook Children’s approaches the issue, however, sets them apart. Checkup positions Cook Children’s as an authoritative and trustworthy healthcare voice by discussing potentially controversial topics.

Recently covered subjects include spanking, bullying, gender identity, domestic abuse, and sexting—all timely and relevant topics of conversation that may be seen by some as too “taboo” to discuss in a public forum. Articles are concise, visual, and split into easy-to-consume elements, which make them a reliable go-to resource for area parents.

Prioritize the Practical

The St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s Kids Today e-newsletter and publication take more of a prescriptive tone, focusing on practical content that parents can use day to day. Each issue features a St. Louis Children’s dietitian addressing nutrition issues—snacks that are easy to make on the go and ways to get involved in the kitchen are notable recent examples.

Kids Today also published an article on bullying two years ago that, to date, has driven more traffic to their resource center than any other marketing piece.

Communicate Compassion

Forever First, the pediatric-specific magazine from The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, a part of CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System, focuses on the compassionate nature of children’s healthcare. Highlighting the comfort they provide for children and families through their child-centered pediatric care is right in line with The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio’s mission, something that drives not only the medical care they provide but their approach to marketing as well.

Forever First provides a tone of reassuring authority, showcasing ways in which they prioritize the emotional wellbeing of their pediatric patients, such as through the regular use of child life specialists. Further to that mission, the authoritative yet gentle tone makes it easier for parents to trust The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio as a reliable medical resource—they know their children are in good hands, which provides a sense of security in what can be a frightening situation.

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