How Children’s Hospitals Can Engage Physicians to Increase Referrals & Reputation

by Thomas Crocker, Copywriter - 02/14/18


To create content that captures physicians’ attention and trust, children’s hospitals have to be true to themselves.  

You’ve probably heard pediatric physicians say that children aren’t little adults—they are a distinct patient group requiring care that’s just for them. By the same token, your physician-focused content strategy must be unique from its consumer counterpart.

Whether your goal is to drive referrals or boost public perception, the basic ingredients for success are the same: Physicians want to know what your hospital does well, and that their  patients are in good hands through your skilled, compassionate care.

Speak With Many Voices

With a presence in five states, Nemours Children’s Health System uses a multi-pronged content marketing strategy geared toward specific segments of its physician audience.

The News at Nemours e-news program, for example, keeps physicians in the Mid-Atlantic region abreast of clinical advances, medical staff additions, and continuing medical education opportunities at the system’s flagship hospital in Delaware. E-newsletters promoting Nemours’ International Medicine Program target physicians around the globe with content that blends advances in care—the use of PET/MRI in the treatment of epilepsy is a recent example—exciting research, and powerful stories of families who have traveled from abroad for diagnosis and treatment. Specialist e-newsletters highlight Nemours’ expertise in specific medical disciplines, such as otolaryngology, with case studies of treatment regimens.

The results of this targeted approach to physician communication are remarkable: Compared with other physician e-mail campaigns that have average open rates of 10-11%, a recent pediatric orthopedic campaign for Nemours had an open rate of 31.72%. The campaign also exceeded the average click-through rate for e-mails targeting physicians.

Highlight Your Hospital’s Heart

For Dayton Children’s Hospital in Ohio, a key driver of its physician content marketing strategy is conveying that its services are on par with those in the Cincinnati market to the south. Highlighting pioneering programs and advanced treatments are a big part of that effort, but they’re not the whole story.

In an email campaign intended to elevate its U.S. News & World Report rankings, Dayton Children’s focuses on its most important differentiator: the lengths to which its providers go to help sick children. Presenting patient stories is one way the hospital shows those efforts, but they also use subtler means. In a recent email, Dayton Children’s profiled its Scolio-Pilates® program for children with scoliosis. What better way to highlight both innovation and compassion than by introducing physicians to a first-of-its-kind program for a pediatric hospital in the United States?

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