Creating a Cross-Functional Social Media Team

by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter - 10/13/16


Turn your social media team into a cross-functional content marketing machine.

Social media users rely on a brand’s social media presence for just about everything these days, whether it’s relaying customer service complaints, asking whether that new coffee drink has a specific allergen in it, or, in the case of many sports teams, hurling abuse at their favorite player. From a brand standpoint, this wide variety of input means that a social media team needs to be equipped to provide significantly varied output.

The marketing department, no matter how excellent they are at their jobs, cannot handle everything by themselves. Trying to make them do so could be costly. According to Sprout Social research, just over a third of customers will “shame a company” on social media channels if they don’t quickly receive a solution from the company after conveying those complaints via social media—that’s not something that your facility wants or needs.

To ward off this and other potential costly issues, you have to put together the most effective social team you can.

Building Out Your Social Media Team

Your social media team needs to be able to collaborate with customer service, human resources, sales, and public relations. Find someone socially inclined in each of these departments, and charge that person with handling social media tasks relevant to his or her particular departments. You may also want to designate a senior member of your social team to liase with other departments in case of any questions or concerns.

Create policies and procedures regarding how to respond in specific situations, and designate a timeline—preferably within four hours of getting the inquiry or comment—for crafting a response. This helps each team member be sure of his or her role and the responsibilities that go along with it. Set up weekly meetings to keep everyone up to date and collaborating effectively.

If you’re looking for hidden gems to round out your social media team, give these strategies a try:

  • Open up a meeting. While you might think that your social media page is for promotions, your audience looks at it as a way to interact with your company. Open content planning meetings to other departments to learn what types of content they think needs to be out there, and then allow those team members to respond to inquiries that are spurred by content. Someone who has great insight into what your current or prospective patients want might be a great person to address them when interacting with you.

  • Watch carefully. If someone offers creative suggestions on a regular basis in meetings, it might be worth looking into whether they have a passion for social media. Encourage that skill by providing the employee with training into ways to respond.

  • Screen your team. Anyone representing your company—whether in person or by representing the whole organization on your company’s Facebook page—needs to understand that they need to be professional, kind, and articulate.

There are as many ways to build an effective social media team as there are companies that need social media teams, so be sure to take the specific needs of your company’s brand into consideration when putting your team together.

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