Custom Content and Its Effect on Search Engine Optimization

by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter - 11/17/16


Providing quality custom content, rather than a high volume of generic posts, is key to successful search engine optimization.

Quality over quantity is a frequent mantra of custom content creators everywhere.

This concept was reinforced by HubSpot as they recently tested how its blog subscribers responded to varied quantities of content, and found that traffic fell during low volume weeks as expected, but high volume and average weeks didn't exponentially increase traffic. The conclusion? An abundance of low-quality posts did not improve SEO.

Focus on Quality—Not Quantity

HubSpot’s findings line up with results from Moz’s version of the experiment. Moz found that readers can handle only a certain amount of content before becoming overwhelmed and taking a step back. To avoid saturating an audience, marketers should focus their efforts on creating quality content at a frequency that’s manageable to produce and consume.

In addition, Google’s page-ranking algorithm is always evolving, and it prioritizes quality of content. Originality and creativity allow your brand to stand out from others creating content on the same topic, and thus make the leap up the search result rankings.

Investing in Quality Content

You can’t schedule or automate quality, and quality content is worth the investment of both time and money. According to a recent survey 90 percent of consumers feel that quality custom content is useful to them. They want their exposure to a company or brand to come from reading articles and blogs, not by viewing ads.

But how can you determine whether your content is quality? The key is knowing your audience. Learn what makes them tick. What are they looking for when they open their web browser, be it on smartphone, tablet or laptop? Find out what they want, and then determine how you’re going to give it to them.

Some useful approaches to creating quality custom content include:

  • Stay on topic. While thinking outside the box is never a bad idea in the brainstorming process, trouble arises when you go too far down the rabbit hole. Stay true to the subject matter your brand is known for and can effectively deliver.

  • Educate and entertain. Teach your readers something they’ll find useful, but don’t forget to keep it engaging. The second someone gets bored, he or she clicks away from your site.

  • Solve a problem. What issues are people in your industry most often troubleshooting? If there’s a shared problem or concern that your expertise can address, find a fresh angle or prominent figure to address it.

When it comes to content creation, everyone is looking to make something useful that will benefit their brands. No matter your chosen subject, honing your knowledge of your audience and creating content that will meet their needs will boost your search engine optimization better than any other approach.

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