Digital Content Brainstorming: Finding Your Process

by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter - 05/18/16


Great digital content ideas begin with a great brainstorming process. 

Ideas are the bread and butter of effective content strategy—but where do they come from? It’s easy to say you’re going to sit down and come up with a list of brilliant content ideas for your next digital campaign, but getting them down on paper is far more tricky.

First things first—fill your creative tank. This is something you should do before you even begin working on brainstorming. What inspires you? Is it reading? Yoga? Being outdoors? Finding excellent pieces of digital content online that get your creative juices flowing? Whatever it is, do as much of it as you can when you can, so that when it’s time to come up with ideas, you’re ready.

The next, and most important step, is finding your brainstorming process.

How Do You Create Ideas?

As with anything else, to produce quality content ideas you need a good, solid process. Coming up with knock-their-socks-off concepts is much easier when you know what kind of brainstorming works not only for you, but also for the specific project at hand.

The best brainstorming techniques vary with different content needs, but try some of these approaches to help your idea creation along.

1. Go people-first

Build a profile of your target audience. Outline who they are, what they want, and what questions they’re asking. From there, you can zoom in on what content from you would be most likely to meet their needs.

2. Think visually

If you’re a visual learner—and even if you’re not— visual tools can help you get your creative juices flowing. There are countless charts, idea webs, and thinking maps online for the taking—print one out and start brainstorming. Don’t like pre-made charts? Find a marker and a giant pad of paper and draw your own.

3. Word association

While it sounds simple, sitting in a group and playing word association can get your thoughts flowing without overthinking. Start with a word connected to your main topic, and have everyone write down as many words as they can think of in a set period of time. Then sift through them as a group to find the best of the bunch.

Executing and Scaling the Your Process

Once you’ve found your process, determine how often you need to go through it. If you’ve only got one or two blogs, monthly meetings may be the way to go. If you have several involved campaigns, you might need to meet and brainstorm with your team weekly.

Of course, these ideas are only your starting point. Once you have them, it’s up to you to effectively implement them!

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