Open Sesame: Getting the Best Open Rate on Your Email Marketing

by Rachel Stewart - 01/19/15

The first documented newsletter appeared in 1538. Today, these informative briefs fill email inboxes around the world. Heres how to make your subscribers click and convert.


Making your message stand out among the spam, discount offers, and personal correspondence in a crowded inbox is a tall order for any marketer. Try these tips before sending your next e-newsletter.

  • Do offer a punchy subject line. Much like a headline, the subject line is the first thing readers see. A great subject line could be the difference between clicking “open” or “delete.” Ask a compelling question or offer a surprising stat to stop subscribers mid-scroll. 
  • Don’t overlook a series format. Cliffhangers aren’t just for television finales, “Part 1” movies, or podcasts. “To be continued” is a phrase that can keep your subscribers hooked and anxious for the subsequent post. Tease elements that will be developed in future installments to keep readers engaged until next time.
  • Do keep topics current and compelling. While some health and wellness topics will always be in demand—the fight against breast cancer or sticking to New Year’s health resolutions—it’s vital you find fresh perspectives on these topics to keep your reader hooked. Short articles featuring compelling new research or information can offer readers an angle they may never have considered.
  • Don’t forget to measure what’s working—and consider what needs revamping. Determining which content is connecting with readers is just as important in the digital realm as it is in print. Allow your subscribers to share their thoughts through a short survey, send their concerns to a dedicated email address, or opt in or out based on the topic or category. For avid athletes, fitness topics might be a must, while new moms are often looking for the best infant health advice. The more you allow your audience to customize their experience, the more likely they are to stay tuned in.

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