Video: President Eric Silberman on His Lifelong Affinity for Storytelling

by Heather Hammond, Managing Editor - 01/09/20


The new year (and new decade) offers a perfect occasion to reflect and build on learnings from the past. We asked Eric Silberman, president, True North Custom, to think back through his life both personally and professionally. There is one theme that runs through it all: storytelling. 



Q: When did your love of stories begin?

As a kid, I loved adventure stories. I got my first boat when I was 9 years old. It was called a “tubie,” and I boated all around the Tennessee River gorge. My dog and I used to go all through the forest along the river and build forts and lean-tos with fallen trees. I was inspired by stories like Swiss Family Robinson and harnessed that sense of adventure in my real life.

When I went to college, this sense of adventure and storytelling turned toward the love of language, culture and human connection. I loved videos and worked in production and documentary films, and my work in documentary films eventually introduced me to True North Custom and their work on behalf of healthcare organizations across the country.

Documentaries … healthcare content: What’s the connection? Well, it happens to be story. Documentaries are about sharing the story of people in a way that drives understanding and connection. 

Q: How does storytelling relate to your work at True North Custom?

One of the things that attracted me to True North was that it had a connection to something that I was passionate about, which is sharing people’s stories.

What True North has done and has always done is to help brands tell their stories through the lens of the people whose lives they touch or impact. That’s the common thread in good storytelling—whether it’s documentaries or magazines or nurturing campaigns.

When I look at what we do today, as we help brands tell their stories with content that drives growth and optimizes their use of marketing technology, the through-line is the human story of connection and overcoming adversity.

Q: How does storytelling connect to the mission at True North Custom?

I genuinely believe that there is a nobility of purpose in what we do—our mission— and that is to help people live better lives through the content we create. (Like the story about Tamicki and how her courage helped a patient avoid amputation.)

Storytelling has been my passion since I was a kid, and I am thrilled to be at the front of an organization that believes in the power of story to not only enable great things in people, but also to drive businesses forward in a way that is meaningful.

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