Essential Elements of Digital Content Strategy

by Valerie Lauer, Copywriter - 02/29/16


The secret is out—good content is essential to sustaining a digital campaign. But without the right planning, execution, and follow-through, your digital content can’t reach its full potential.

Whether you’re getting ready to press “Post,” you’re just starting to dream up a strategy, or you already have a campaign established, you may benefit from taking a look at the tools and tricks that make digital content work best.

Preparation = Inspiration

Putting out posts, ads, or emails without identifying your target audience is like casting a fishing lure into the ocean at random without any bait. Is it possible that something will come nibble at your hook? Certainly. But your odds of reeling in the big one are statistically disheartening.

Market research is key. According to a LinkedIn Technology study, audience relevance is 58 percent responsible for content’s success.

Know your audience and where to find them. Use that information to craft and aim your digital collateral and it will be much more likely to serve up the catch of the day—clients and results that match your key performance indicators.

Say Hello to Social Media

Social media is now the No. 1 source of website referral traffic. According to a report from Shareaholic, 31.24 percent of referral traffic originates on a social media site, with Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter leading the charge. YouTube is also a growing source of website visits.

Make your presence known by cultivating a company presence on these sites that both engages and intrigues.

SEO Matters

Search engines love original, high-quality content, but making the most of these elusive algorithms doesn't stop there. Consider:

  • Keeping articles short and to the point
  • Layering in multimedia elements to engage visitors and impress Google
  • Updating your content regularly
  • Making sure your page loads quickly on a variety of browser platforms
  • Using keywords strategically and frequently
  • Linking to outside websites for added credibility
  • Breaking up content with lists and bullet points
  • Creating a site that is mobile-friendly

Leverage Your Captive Audience

A new visitor has made his way to your content. Congratulations! Now, what are you supposed to do?

Every digital interaction is an opportunity to learn something about your visitor. Where they go on your site, what they look at, and how long they stay can all inform you about what they are after and the kind of information that drew them to you.

Give visitors opportunities to engage with you that are clear and easy to navigate. Include links to related information throughout the page, offer to connect visitors directly to services related to the page they visit, and give them opportunities to tell you more about themselves. Follow-up interactions lead to return visitors, and that can boost your bottom line.

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