Expert Perspective: Dennis Jolley on Marketing an AMC

by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer - 06/14/13

The senior director of marketing at the University of Utah Health Care, a leading academic medical center (AMC) in Salt Lake City, recently shared his thoughts on marketing issues specific to an academic medical center (AMC).

The interview was featured on the Healthcare Success website and highlights Jolley's perspective on patient satisfaction scores, competitive challenges, and other marketing issues and trends.

A key takeaway: "In academic medical centers—in our institution and also in other institutions where I’ve spoken to professional colleagues—the school of medicine side of an academic medical center is really an 18th or 19thcentury entity. It’s built around academic departments, specialties and divisions, which depending on the institution, may or may not play well with each other. So breaking down silos is important because, as I say to our physicians all the time, [patients] don’t care if you are a facial and plastic reconstructive surgeon in the division of otolaryngology or if you are a plastic surgeon…they just want a 'nose job.'"

Click here to view the full article and associated podcast.

A True North client since 2008, Jolley oversees the marketing efforts for four hospitals, 10 community clinics, a health plan, and a growing network of affiliate hospitals and physicians throughout the Intermountain West.

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