Guy Kawasaki on Enchanting Your Customers

by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer - 09/12/14

This year marks our 10th anniversary of publishing Healthcare Insight. On behalf of everyone here at True North Custom, we’re proud to have provided you with fresh ideas and expert perspective for the past decade.  

This is also a good time to reflect on some of our most memorable articles. Perhaps the most thought-provoking content came from a 2011 conversation with former Apple evangelist and best-selling author Guy Kawasaki. His directive to delight customers by focusing on a higher purpose illuminates the mission for healthcare and financial marketers, and highlights the important role you play within the community.


Here's an excerpt from the piece, or you can view/download the full article.

Q: What is enchantment, and why is it critical for success?

Kawasaki: Enchantment is the process of creating a deep, long-lasting relationship with your customers that goes beyond simple transactions. This relationship involves a genuine message from an organization that is likeable, trustworthy, and good—and a creation of that type of reputation within the community. Enchanting customers facilitates loyalty and an emotional attachment to an organization.

Q: How can organizations promote and sustain likability and trustworthiness within their communities?

Kawasaki: Start by identifying the decision-makers and people with influence in the community who can help you reach out to groups that catalyze trustworthiness and likeability. Show how your own brand of magic works by opening your arms and letting the community really see what you do. Initiate events that allow the public to take a peek at specific service lines, and create a local presence by attending health fairs. If you are met with any opposition in the process, break down this resistance by finding a way to agree on something, no matter how trivial. Meet the members of your community on their level and at their convenience.

Q: How can organizations continue enchanting customers after the "honeymoon" stage?

Kawasaki: Create ways customers can demonstrate their loyalty to your organization. For example, start a program that offers a direct benefit to the public, such as providing a decal featuring your logo that allows cars to park in a local lot for a reduced price. As more decals are placed on cars, more people will notice and associate this popularity with your organization. These services that extend beyond the typical can help the magic last and express a dedication to the communities you serve. While you think of new ways to attract a consumer base, don’t neglect enchanting your own staff. Enable your employees to master new skills to become better healthcare practitioners. Your organization should be focused on a higher purpose—promoting better health—rather than collecting money for services and micromanaging. In addition, your employee satisfaction will catalyze even more likeability in your favor.

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