Highlights from the Healthcare Thought Leader Roundtable

by Jim Hobson, CEO - 06/16/17


Like the content strategies we create for healthcare clients nationwide, we’re committed to delivering relevant, useful information on this blog, within the pages of Healthcare Insight, and other platforms.

To ensure our content aligns with the most relevant issues and trends, we recently hosted a Healthcare Thought Leader Roundtable and were privileged to have the following esteemed strategy and marketing executives participate:  

  • Susan Alcorn, SVP and Chief Communications Officer, Rochester Regional  
  • Preston Gee, VP of Strategic Marketing, CHRISTUS Health
  • Rich Matula, System Director of CRM, Presence Health
  • Lisa McCluskey, VP of Marketing Communications, CHI Memorial Health  
  • Theresa Olson, System Director of Marketing and Operations, Presence Health

Among many other insights, here are three highlights from our conversations:

Marketing is uniquely qualified to transform healthcare.

Marketing has to take the lead in driving change, we have to be on the vanguard within our organizations,” said Gee. No other function within a hospital or health system — including operations, finance, or clinical leadership — has a more global view of the market dynamics, organizational goals, and customer insights that can effectively inform business strategy. 

Provider communication is a universal challenge — and a tremendous opportunity.

No one has cracked the code on how to best engage physicians toward deeper loyalty. However, by recognizing that they are scientists and “speaking their language” with data on market share, contribution margin, and other performance indicators, marketing leaders can successfully engender support for referral development, community outreach and other strategies designed to enhance provider relations and drive growth. This approach extends to nurse practitioners at CHI Memorial, where McCluskey said “we’ve embraced the idea of nurse practitioners as our customers, collaborating with them on the same level as physicians.”

Measuring the efficacy of marketing is a team sport.

“The only way to effectively build a budget is to demonstrate success,” said Susan Alcorn. This can be a challenge in many organizations, as marketing often has little influence over operational challenges and budgets are often driven by the organization’s bottom line — without comparing against the strategic plan and financial metrics for success. The group’s consensus: It is imperative to create alignment with your leadership team and develop a common set of statistics against which performance can be evaluated.

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