How Leading Banks Create Captivating Content

by Katy Mena-Berkley, Copywriter - 06/02/16


In a tense and uncertain economic climate, crafting and presenting compelling content can be intimidating to many financial marketers who may choose to play it safe to avoid unnecessary headaches of the regulatory requirements.

Don’t buy into the fear. You needn’t sell yourself or your potential customers short when it comes to crafting engaging content. By working with your compliance officer or attorney during the planning stages, you can develop creative marketing plans that adhere to strict regulatory requirements while still getting your message to your clients and prospects. Take a cue from a few companies highlighted by the Content Marketing Institute for the ways they connect with their customers.

Credit Suisse

With their online publication, The Financialist, Credit Suisse has redefined the role of a leading financial institution. Shrugging off the confines of standardized emails and letters, the organization offers a wealth of colorful, compelling, and globally relevant content that is valuable to investors and casual readers alike.

Credit Suisse employs written content in combination with videos to appeal to a diverse audience. Cultural and lifestyle-related topics are explored and links drive the reader to sign up for the Credit Suisse newsletter. 

Sun Life Financial

Taking a similar approach as Credit Suisse, Sun Life Financial offers engaging content on their Brighter Life webpage. Additionally, this site is equipped with financial planning tools, to help the reader set goals related to everything from insurance to retirement to a child’s college education.

Infographics, quizzes, and a financial glossary add to the interactive and informative appeal of the Brighter Life page.

What About Blogs?

Through the Internet, financial leaders such as chief executive officers of large institutions now have the opportunity to directly communicate with customers and shareholders in a candid, powerful way through online blogs. For example, retirement organization Empower Retirement features blogs written by the company’s president, Edmund F. Murphy III, and president and CEO of Great-West Financial®, Robert L. Reynolds.

Through these blogs, readers get the inside scoop on what’s happening in the markets and how to adjust their personal savings accordingly.

Organized Inspiration

Critical to developing effective and creative communications strategies is planning ahead with content workflow processes. Set up calendars of which messages you would like to communicate and when. Identify key experts and resources necessary to create the content you are planning to present. Then craft the messages that you want to share and run them up the chain of command for approval.

Work with legal counsel to identify communications that must be in compliance with standards set forth by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and establish an in-house team to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

Then give yourself the green light to explore all methods of communication at your fingertips. Weave together different methods of messaging, and offer customers the opportunity to actively participate. Drive readers to your website via social media. Offer opportunities to communicate via text. Think like a consumer and have fun crafting the content you’re craving.

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