How to Nurture Leads to Conversion with Email

by Lauren Knight, Marketing Coordinator - 04/05/17


Our 2017 State of Healthcare Content Marketing survey found that more than three-quarters of healthcare marketers struggle with attracting new patients and nurturing existing patients. Here are proven strategies to advancing these audiences through the decision cycle.  

In a recent webinar, True North Custom VP of Operations Tyler Hardekopf and Director of UX and Product Development Eric Clarkson offered six keys to a successful lead nurturing strategy. Here are three actionable tips your hospital or health system can put into practice to drive profitable volume for orthopedics, bariatrics, and other service lines.

Establish a qualified lead source.

A successful nurturing strategy starts with setting up the right lead source that meets your prospects where they are in the buying cycle. It’s more than just overloading your patients and prospects with random content on different channels, it’s about delivering the right content at the right time and in the right channel to deepen their knowledge and move them through the funnel.

Here’s a snapshot of lead source components that are necessary for establishing a lead mechanism that will help guide your email nurturing campaigns.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 12.45.08 PM-1.png

Paid Media for Early-Stage Leads

Paid media tactics like Google and Facebook ads are effective at generating leads for service lines, and are even more successful when complemented with offline sources like direct mail. The ads help attract an audience that fits the profile of those likely to need your services and direct them to a conversion destination using a call to action. This destination could be a landing page, where they fill out a form and provide their email address (more passive engagement) or call to schedule an appointment using a trackable phone number (more active engagement). These ads help bring awareness to those who might be interested in your services.

Engagement for Middle-Stage Leads

At this stage, prospects have indicated a level of interest in your product/service line. Maybe they aren’t 100 percent ready to make an appointment, but they are interested in receiving your content. At this stage they are visiting your content, looking at your website, and interacting with your social media pages.

Conversion for Later-Stage Leads

By this stage, prospects have expressed purchase intent by filling out a form, downloading an ebook or infographic, or taking a health assessment. In short, they are agreeing to receive further communication from you and are interested in your services.

Develop a workflow.

Create workflows in your email marketing automation tool with content designed to connect with your audience. Perhaps they have answered a specific call-to-action and will need to be nurtured accordingly.  Develop content to engage your community with topics that align with their objectives, extend engagement, and offer a path to conversion with calls-to-action.

Workflows need to be well planned and meet your audience where they are in the funnel, and A/B testing can be performed to ensure you are fine-tuning your message to your audience that result in higher conversions.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 4.24.30 PM.png

Follow the “if thens”—and don’t give up!

Monitor your workflows closely, and adjust your cadence and frequency according to what is converting. Notice how far along your audience is moving through the cycle but don’t get disheartened if some begin to convert, while others are still in the consideration stage. Give them opportunity to remain engaged and reconnect with your brand by adjusting your workflows. Never give up on a lead!

Learn More

View the webinar recording for all six keys to success, along with other insights and ideas for a successful lead nurturing strategy.

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