How to Style Automated Welcome Messages for More Consumer Engagement

by Kaitlin Gunter, Copywriter - 09/13/16


Automated welcome messages can increase your level of engagement with customers—if they read the first message, they are 18 percent more likely to read other messages from you.

The end goal of a welcome email is to start an ongoing relationship with a consumer. To that end, treat readers with respect by giving them what they want—information on their terms. Place the value up front and start with these tried-and-true basics:

Be sincere and personal.

The best introductions aren’t hour-long sagas about how great you are and why you matter to the world. Knowing that, present a hospitable welcome with open arms. The risk of readers unsubscribing is always there, but it can be minimized, so do your homework. If you know the reader’s name, use it and increase your likely open rate by 26 percent, according to Campaign Monitor, an email marketing company.

Practice your lead.

Consider the first paragraph of your message as your elevator pitch, but a less aggressive one. Tell your consumer why do you do what you do and make it simple. Make it memorable and write clearly and succinctly. The worst introductions leave the person on the other end hanging, wondering what to expect for the second interaction. Tell them why you’ve said “Hello” and why they should want to hear from you again.

Entertain them.

Point readers to upcoming promotional events, like free heath screenings, or give them additional blog copy about relevant or current health topics. You also may offer other ways to interact with you by linking to your social media platforms.

Let readers see more of who you are and why you are someone they want to know. Encourage them to stay awhile, and have a consumer engagement plan ready. Then mirror that plan: send follow-up automated messages (part of your welcome campaign) with the same frequency that you plan to send other targeted promotional automated messages. According to Experian Marketing Services, you want to shape the experience with the first batch of welcome messages and then meet those expectations, time and again. Be predictable with how often you reach out, and always have something worth saying.

Though it may seem easier to batch the first welcome email out according to what is easiest for your team, up to 75 percent of marketing companies prefer the immediate response approach. Don’t leave your audience wondering if you want to meet them. Extend the welcome email handshake sooner rather than later. And be ready to commit to regular automated interactions. 

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