How to Craft a Credible Message

by Tiffany Parnell, Senior Copywriter - 09/16/15

What’s the secret to producing trustworthy content? Let your organization’s experts speak.


Relevance and engagement are only two pieces of the puzzle when it comes to creating quality content. Your goal as a healthcare marketer is to position your organization as the community’s go-to source for their health and wellness needs—and that requires building credibility.

Let’s face it: Consumers are unlikely to make healthy lifestyle changes, such as exercising regularly or taking time for annual screenings, unless you underscore the importance of these actions with hard data or an expert voice. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find reputable sources. You can build credibility by simply informing your content with quotes, facts, and tips straight from your organization’s physicians, dietitians, and other specialists.

3 Tips to Weave Expertise into Your Content

1. Get the team on board.

The most obvious—and often most difficult—first step to including your organization’s experts in your marketing messages is to secure their participation. Use these tips to reach and engage physicians and other organizational leaders.

2. Interview, interview, interview.

Writing copy yourself and submitting it for a source’s approval before publishing can save time and keep projects on track. Whenever time allows, schedule an interview or—if your contact prefers—email interview questions before you start your draft. Because physicians and other specialists spend a good portion of their days helping community members address wellness challenges, they can often provide interesting facts, realistic tips, and perspective that can’t be found through research.

At the start of your interview or in your email inquiry, make sure your contact understands that the content will be geared toward community readers. Be upfront about the target reading level and any word-count restrictions, so he or she answers appropriately in terms a layperson can easily understand.

3. Don’t overlook the power of patients.

While the expertise of physicians and specialists is needed to inform most wellness- and service line-oriented pieces, patient testimonials also help build trust and brand loyalty.

Testimonials capture the essence of storytelling and are relatable and inspiring. Satisfied patients also offer a unique perspective because they have conquered many of the wellness challenges facing community readers and know exactly what it’s like to receive the services you showcase.

From interviewing experts to factchecking articles, we make it our mission to help you craft engaging, compelling content. Learn how we can help.

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