How to Make Facebook Ads Work for Custom Content

by Trevor Willingham, Copywriter - 08/22/16


Even if your blog or article post manages to marry genuine entertainment with life-changing wisdom, it won’t necessarily reach your audience if you simply post it to your site. A well-crafted Facebook ad helps you attract the audience you want to view your content, allowing you to attract new readers and share your message.

While the beauty of the internet is that it’s always open to nearly everyone, this free-for-all results in roughly 2 million blog posts entering the digital domain every day. That’s a lot of competition for readers.

While simply using your business’s free Facebook page to link to your blog post or website can help you attract your already engaged Facebook followers, that move isn’t likely to help you attract new readers. This is especially true with Facebook’s newer algorithms.

Facebook ads can be a cost-effective method of putting the content you’ve worked so hard on in front of anyone you’d like. Each day, 1.09 billion people of all ages, career paths, and hobbies log into Facebook. If created correctly, Facebook ads can be a fantastic way to tap into this populace.

Facebook makes it very simple to create Facebook ads for your business. By following this link, you can determine your advertising objectives and get started. Remember these tips as you’re planning your ad content.

The Perfect Picture

Pictures can capture attention in ways that text alone sometimes can’t. That’s why photo-based posts perform 84 percent better than text-based posts when it comes to click-through rates.

When it comes time to make the ad, spend plenty of time selecting a photo that will engage your audience. If you decide to place text over the visual, be sure it meets Facebook’s policy by not taking up more than 20 percent of the image.

Added Value

Don’t forget you haven’t necessarily reached the honorary status of “Facebook Friend,” with those who will see your ad. Because you don’t have a pre-existing relationship, you’ll need to answer the fundamental question—“Why should I care?”—as quickly as possible. Get straight to the point with any main topics or points that you know your audience will want more information about.

Clear Calls to Action

Good news: Your ad’s captivating photo and informative one-liner caught the attention of an interested Facebook user. He or she visited your site and saw your stories, and now you need to close the deal.

Create your ad with an objective in mind, and make it easy for your reader to take the next step, whether that’s subscribing to your blog, scheduling an appointment, registering for a program, or asking for more information.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to turn interested party members into measurable results—all for a low cost.

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