How to Write Landing Page Copy That Converts

by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter - 12/05/16


A landing page has only one purpose—to entice visitors into completing a single task. Convince them to take that action by writing copy that speaks to their problem and offers a compelling solution.

Maybe you want people who suffer from arthritis to consult an orthopedic surgeon about joint replacement surgery. Or perhaps you’re answering overweight readers’ important questions about weight-loss surgery, which might lead them to attend a bariatric surgery program at your hospital. The best way to accomplish these goals is with a single compelling message that motivates them toward clear action appropriate for where the prospective patient is at in their evaluation process.

To achieve this goal, ask these four questions about your reader when preparing to write landing page copy:

1. Who is your audience?

2. What problem are they trying to solve?

3. How aware are they that they have this problem?

4. What solutions can you offer?

Take these questions one at a time, because the answer to the first will lead you to the second, and so on. Once you have your answers, you should have a clear picture of who you’re trying to engage with your landing page copy.

On any solid landing page, you have three separate places to address these questions: the headline, the body, and the call to action.

Hit Your Headline

Your headline is a great place to immediately tell the landing page visitor  what you’re offering. Typically, the headline is the first thing a reader sees. A landing page isn’t the place to set up a mystery at the top, followed by a surprise later on—make clear what you’re providing from the get-go. Headlines like “Do You Have Joint Pain?” or “Understanding Digestive Issues” are the way to go.

Write Convincing Body Copy

The body of your landing page is the place to convince your reader that they need whatever service you’re offering. Grab their attention with a strong hook, but make sure readers aren’t confused about what they’re going to get out of the landing page. Clearly outline the benefits of your offer, whatever it may be. Some landing pages offer sign-up options for programs, while others are forms readers fill out to receive further information from a physician.

Use your answers to questions about your reader to guide this section. In order to communicate how your offer solves the reader’s problem, you have to demonstrate that you understand what the reader needs.

Call Readers to Action

A great approach to writing landing page copy that gets conversions is to write your call to action first. If you use this as your starting point, your focus is entirely on how to get readers to click on a link to learn more or call a phone number to schedule an appointment or register for a class. Beginning your landing page writing process at the end, and working backwards from there, allows you to carefully craft the copy to support the ultimate goal of conversion.

Does Your Copy Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse?

To get the conversions you want, your landing page copy needs to address how completing your call to action can solve the reader’s problem. What are you offering in return for completing the call to action? Whether it’s an eBook, an appointment with a physician, or any other number of things, the reader needs to know how that offer benefits them—and the benefits need to outweigh any other questions they may have.

If you provide readers with the solution they’re looking for, they’re going to click your button, submit your form, or download your product.

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