It’s All About the Story

by Angela Williams - 03/27/15

If you’re a House of Cards lover, odds are that you’ve binge-watched the entire season on Netflix already. Now that you’ve seen the latest from Kevin Spacey, why not learn his thoughts about content marketing?


Maybe the connection between the Academy Award winner and content marketing seems vague to you. For Spacey, the keynote speaker at Content Marketing World 2014, the connection is clear.

“You might wonder what I know about content marketing,” Spacey said. “But the truth is, regardless of the platform, we’re all striving toward the same goal—entertaining an audience. Good content-making is not a crapshoot. It’s always been about the story. The story is everything.”

How can you tell your organization’s story? Spacey outlined three essential components to a compelling story.

1. Audience. Step one is clearly defining a target audience for your message. Once you’ve determined that audience, the goal of your content is to constantly develop loyalty to the hospital. How can you do this? Provide readers with soft-sell, engaging content that is relevant to their daily lives—doing so will establish your hospital as the expert when your services are needed and help readers make better decisions and live healthier lives.

2. Engagement. It’s not enough to capture an audience’s attention once. You have to provide compelling content that keeps people engaged. As Spacey said, “It’s our job to tell better stories.” Creating a relevant connection to your readers is key. When developing content—whether it’s for your website, social media, custom publication, or e-newsletter—always ask yourself: What’s in it for the reader?

3. Authenticity. “In a world of spin, it’s essential to keep one thing in mind,” Spacey said. “What makes something feel real?” Emphasize your brand’s strengths and benefits, but never try to be something you’re not.

One message from Spacey that resonated with this Chattanooga-based content marketer: a shout-out to Volkswagen for memorable marketing. (Chattanooga is home to a Volkswagen plant.)

“Volkswagen’s United States marketing is excellent,” Spacey said. “Instead of trying to be something they aren’t, they sell what they are.”

Need support telling your story? True North Custom can help, from determining your ideal audience to spreading the word about what you do best—all in an appealing, engaging package.

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