Managing Population Health With Messaging That Empowers

by Melissa Moore, Copywriter - 02/05/16


At Tampa General Hospital, changing community perception goes hand in hand with a new marketing strategy that puts health and wellness content at the heart of the private, not-for-profit hospital’s message.

When it comes to meeting the needs of the community, population health management and preventive care are moving to the driver’s seat. For healthcare marketers, hospitals, and health systems, this means honing in on messages that promote patient empowerment and choice.

Already well-respected for its medical staff’s ability to perform advanced medical procedures and effectively treat complex illnesses, Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida, embraced the challenge of using content to reflect its renewed commitment to primary care and wellness.

Insight Magazine spoke with Michael Gorsage, senior vice president and chief strategy and business development officer at Tampa General Hospital, to discuss the hospital’s new growth strategy.


Insight: How are you approaching marketing, branding, and communication in your efforts to shift community perception of Tampa General from a big-city hospital for complex cases to a premier health network that meets the needs of an entire region?

Gorsage: Our marketing strategy reflects physical changes being made at Tampa General. We’re geographically expanding our footprint with primary care centers and destination centers for ambulatory medical services. We’re putting a focus on community outreach and training to better address all health issues, from healthy eating to chronic disease management.

Our marketing and branding are going from hospital-centric to health and wellness-oriented, as well as focusing on specific episodes of care need. We’re going to spend more time and energy communicating things like the importance of exercise, healthy eating, and appropriate levels of interaction with healthcare providers.

Insight: Why do you think it’s important to take a lifestyle approach when engaging consumers?

Gorsage: None of us wants to be sick, and many illnesses and diseases can be prevented through effective communication about staying healthy and well. If we can help people avoid getting ill in the first place or developing chronic problems such as diabetes or heart disease, then that’s our goal. In the future, we’re all going to be focused on population health management.

Insight: Why is integrating print and digital content important?

Gorsage: We need to communicate with people the way they want to be communicated with, and digital and print integration reflects that. Both channels have advantages. Consumption of a digital message is a personalized event, while print has longevity. One thing we’re doing is launching a new website and calender with health and wellness content, as well as online health education tools for those people who already manage a chronic disease. Our focus is to improve and empower patients and allow them to have connectivity and communication with their providers.

Insight: How are you measuring the success of your content strategy?

Gorsage: With everything we do, including digital, print, and social media, we measure readership and followers. As with every campaign, we measure new patients and consumers at
Tampa General, as well as the return on investment to ensure our investments are paying off and we’re spending wisely.

The bottom line:

“We want to make sure we’re at the top of people’s minds, not only for episodic events, but to keep our communities healthy and well going forward. In order to do this, we take an integrated approach. For the digital world, including web and social media, we have to be proactive. For more traditional print and television marketing events, a coordinated, consistent message and theme are very important. This integration allows us to think about our consumers from a complete, 360-degree view.”

Michael Gorsage, senior vice president and chief strategy and business development officer for Tampa General Hospital 

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