New Tip Sheet: Marketing to Millennials (Like Me)

by Meaghan Dant, Marketing Manager - 03/06/15

The generation that brought us the selfie and coined phrases such as lol and ttyl” is rapidly changing consumerism. Smart marketers are learning how to adjust their positioning and messaging to resonate with Gen Y.


If youre working to engage millennials, here are few things you should know about marketing to these tech-savvy and socially conscious consumers.

Establish a social presence. Be sure that your online presence is designed to meet the specific needs of millennials. It is also important to understand the social language and make sure that any communication is a two-way street. Publish your content, including blog posts, videos, and white papers, to social sites such as Facebook and Vimeo to start a conversation.

Offer relevant content. Millennials want things now. Providing time-sensitive content focused around Gen Y consumers wants and needs can prove effective to marketers. As the group who grew up with the Internet and cell phones, millennials had to adapt to technological changes extremely fast. We are digitally connected and (thanks to Google) value the ability to find an answer to a question in a matter of seconds. To a majority of millennials, anything more than 90 days in the past is old news.

Show you care. Millennials feel it is a corporate responsibility to give back to the community, and we value companies that do so. Make your sure community benefit report and charitable contributions are displayed on your website, collateral, and other marketing channels.

Interested in learning more? Check out the full report on Marketing to Millennials.

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