Mastermind Groups for Professional Development

by Kaitlin Gunter, Copywriter - 08/30/17


You want to learn but can’t find the information you need. The solution? Bring your unique challenges to a mastermind group, a platform where colleagues and experts share real-time feedback and perspectives.

Mastermind groups offer an interactive approach to learning. Meeting with a few colleagues or experts provides you with access to multiple perspectives, collaboration, and the ingenuity of your peers. 

Participants bring their ambitions and current setbacks, leaning on the strength of others to advance professionally. But if you join a mastermind group without contributing, you probably won’t find it worth your time, since most are built around the idea of collaboration. That is, you come to it with your strengths, so you, too, can be a part of someone else’s learning process.

What Do You Want to Learn?

Start off by learning about your options for mastermind groups. Visit to get some ideas. Once you have reviewed the styles and types of groups out there, ask yourself what you’re looking for, and what information you’re comfortable sharing.

If you decide to meet monthly with colleagues from various departments within your team, you bypass the potential obstacle of meeting with others in your industry who, for better or worse, are your competitors. You can also get around the competition issue by meeting with those who know the industry but compete for different markets. Also, know that you are in control of what you share and with whom you share it. 

This monthly meeting of masterminds may be a safe space, where you can expose your new marketing project for feedback without risking any high-level exposure to competitors in the local market. And the best part is this group doesn’t have to be local. You can partner with industry experts you met previously at a healthcare marketing conference in an established group. Use online tools to conduct your monthly meetings and otherwise structure the meeting as you would any in your office.

Getting Started

Learning how you can grow professionally from involvement in a mastermind group is one thing, but finding one you want to pursue is another. Do you want to pay to join one, or are you wanting a no-cost group? Do you prefer large or smaller groups? Consider if you want to connect online or in person. 

Start small. Get feedback about your strengths and weaknesses, so you know what you can offer and where you can improve. Also, visit for more information about mastermind groups and next actionable steps.

The world of marketing moves quickly, and it is easy to get swept up and ideate in a vacuum. Whether through a platform like The Success Alliance, Linkedin's professional development courses, user groups hosted by marketing technology vendors (e.g. HUGs for Hubspot users), or simply an informal monthly gathering of your collaborators, you have options for constantly expanding your skills and perspective—which can only help you reach your goals.

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