3 Key Metrics of Digital Marketing

by James Colvin - 02/06/15

With digital marketing more prevalent than ever, measuring its true impact is essential. Let's explore three levels on which you can track performance of digital campaigns.


According to Gartner’s 2014 Digital Marketing Spending Report, digital marketing spending averaged one-quarter of companies’ marketing budgets in 2014, and more than half of the companies surveyed plan to increase their digital spending in 2015 by an average of 17 percent. As digital marketing takes up a larger amount of the marketing budget, measuring the efficacy of those efforts becomes more and more important. Here are three metrics that marketers can use to measure the performance of a digital strategy.


Measuring engagement can primarily be done using Google Analytics by properly setting up Goals within your account. Look at the metrics that confirm if people are reading our content and sharing it with others. Measurements such as pages per session and session duration demonstrate that people are looking at the content being shared—and that theyre spending a good amount of time perusing the subject matter. While its more complex to set up, monitoring downloads of images or other content as well as sharing across social networks is also valuable feedback on whether your online content marketing is resonating with readers.

Lead Generation

Of course, we dont just want people to be engaged with the content, we want them to take some action as a result. Your content should feature clear CTAs (calls to action) present, whether youre driving the audience to sign up for an event or seminar, request an appointment, or download a form. Again, setting up goals within Google Analytics is a great way to monitor this. Just make sure youve set up proper expectations on acceptable conversion rates.


While engagement and lead generation are important, this final metric is typically the one that matters the most to your C-suite. Did your marketing compel people to come in for an appointment or attend an event? For this level of measurement, we need to leave the world of Google Analytics and turn to other tools like an analytics platform or CRM system. This allows you to match the marketing group to those who actually walked through your doors—and give you a direct ROI on your digital marketing effort.


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