Moving Women from Breast Cancer Awareness to Action

by Katy Mena-Berkley, Copywriter - 08/08/18



As Breast Cancer Awareness Month approaches, consider a laser-focused approach to marketing screenings and other services that drives meaningful results for your audience and your bottom line.

As October rolls around, healthcare marketers nationwide begin planning campaigns to promote breast cancer screenings and other services. This season, resist the urge to use traditional means of marketing Breast Cancer Awareness—which is likely indistinguishable from your competitors and many patients actually find offensive—and rethink ways to set your brand apart through more targeted messaging that drives meaningful outcomes.

Like the data-driven campaigns employed for a variety of service lines, including bariatric surgery, obstetrics, orthopedics, and pediatrics, market leaders are employing those same strategies to inspire women to take action and schedule their screening mammograms.

“We’re helping hospitals and physician practices find the right audiences and develop sophisticated content and design to capture attention,” says Erika Bennett, managing editor with True North Custom. “Potential patients may get the information they need by scrolling down a landing page and can take immediate action by signing up online for more information or an appointment. These campaigns meet consumers where they are and engage them to take action.”

Getting Results

The formula has proved very effective for True North Custom clients. One cardiovascular service line marketing campaign was so successful, in fact, that screenings had to be put on hold because of the overwhelming response from patients interested in scheduling an appointment.

“That was such a terrific problem for that client to have, and it demonstrates that anything that makes scheduling easier for potential patients is tremendously important,” Bennett says. “We're able to achieve similar results with our breast cancer campaigns. By utilizing bright and friendly pictures, informative details about providers, and assurance that screenings will be conducted in relaxing surroundings, we can package information in a way that is familiar and not intimidating. That’s key.”

Encouraging Engagement

Enhancing the effectiveness of service line campaigns are components such as branded downloadable guides. These assets are designed to generate and qualify service line prospects, as well as be printed and referenced when people are unplugged from technology. This option may be particularly useful in breast cancer campaigns, illustrating how to perform breast self-checks at home, for example.

“The landing page is such a dynamic and robust solution,” says Jenn Taylor, account manager with True North Custom. “We already have a process developed, so we are able to set each client’s project into motion very quickly. And we can easily run targeted social media ads or Google AdWords to drive women to the landing page.”

Direct mail is also an effective way to reach women and encourage them to visit their local provider’s service line page. To decide who will receive these direct mail campaigns, True North Custom leverages predictive modeling to target the appropriate consumers, deliver content designed to meet them where they are in the decision cycle, and advance them to the appropriate next step.

“We have seen good downstream results coming from the interest we capture through this service line marketing approach, which translates well to breast cancer awareness,” Taylor says. “A complete breast cancer campaign—beginning with precision targeting through postcards and paid ads, driving women to visit your branded landing page, inspiring them to schedule appointments or fill out forms requesting more information, and continuing to connect with them through drip emails—is a smart way to invest your ad dollars and serve the women in your community.”

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