Got Ideas? Keep the New Blog Topics Coming With These 5 Tips

by Trevor Willingham, Copywriter - 01/23/17

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When you start blogging, you probably have all these great ideas swimming around your head and it may seem like theres no limit to your creativity. However, after some time passes you may come to a disheartening realization: Fresh ideas don’t always come easy.

An estimated 2 million blog posts are written every single day, but the reality is that 95 percent of all blogs are essentially abandoned. One of the main reasons people—including marketers—stop posting is because they simply run out of ideas.

Now, if youre still reading and your dreams of becoming a blogging superstar havent been crushed beyond repair, youre in luck. These five tips are just what you need to become a creative content powerhouse.

Tip 1: Read, Read, and Read Some More.

Reading other peoples books or blogs is a great way to find inspiration. Just remember that youre not on a reconnaissance mission to steal ideas.

Read other peoples work to spark new questions or make you think of a topic from a different angle. Diving into the writing of others can be a great way to expand your viewpoints on certain topics and spur new ideas.

Tip 2: Ask Your Followers

These people are already reading your work. They like what you have to say, so you should take their opinions into account when scheduling your next blog topics.

Ask your readers what theyd like to see, whether they have questions, or if theyd like your opinions on a certain topic. This is a great way to get free topics and please your audience.

Tip 3: Use a Topic Generator

This may sound like cheating, but its not. Tools like the Hubspot Blog Topic Generator can be quite useful if youre really at a loss for ideas.

Dont use the exact topic ideas (since everyone has access to this tool), but let them inspire you to look at certain topics from a direction you may have never thought of before.

Tip 4: Take Notes

As a blogger the worst thing you can do is let an amazing idea slip from your memory before it can make its way to the Internet.

You never know when a good idea is going to land right in your lap. Always try to have some sort of note taking device on hand so that no good ideas get lost.

Tip 5: Join the Conversation

People talk about all kinds of things. Browse social media, forums or your blogs comment section to find common questions you see the community asking.

So, lets hear it. What methods do you use to keep your blog ideas fresh and interesting?

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