Expert Perspective: Preston Gee on Health Insurance Exchanges

by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer - 09/09/13

CHRISTUS Health Vice President of Strategic Marketing Preston Gee explains how a "seismic shift" from wholesale to retail healthcare models will be set in motion on October 1.

With open enrollment for health insurance exchanges just a few weeks away, how is your organization preparing for the cornerstone of the Affordable Care Act?

If not readying for the consumer-facing opportunities and challenges that health insurance exchanges will bring, your organization might be playing follow the leader in the near future—and for years to come.

According to Gee, "those who fail to see the emergence of the accountable individual—from a group-purchase construct—are ignoring not only the immediate impact, but are at risk of missing a seismic change in the industry."

To help you avoid losing (too much) sleep, Gee offers four ways to prepare for what he calls the first wave of increased consumersim in healthcare:

Four Ways to Prepare for the Insurance Marketplace Shift

1. Understand how health insurance exchanges will affect your specific organization and market — from financial, operational, and other key perspectives.

2. Educate senior leaders on the impact exchanges will have on how consumers interact with and move through the system.

3. Re-evaluate your relationships with insurance companies and explore collaboration opportunities, as Gee says that "providers only succeed to the level that the plans in which they participate succeed."

4. Enlighten colleagues across the organization on the fact that consumerism in healthcare is here to stay, so meeting the community's needs and interests must factor into your patient care and experience models moving forward.

Note: The full article appeared in the September/October 2013 issue of Spectrum, a newsletter of the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development.

About CHRISTUS Health

Ranked among the top 10 Catholic health systems in the United States by size, the CHRISTUS Health system includes more than 40 hospitals and facilities in seven U.S. states and six states in Mexico, with assets of more than $4.6 billion.

To position CHRISTUS Health as a trusted resource and prepare for what Gee calls the "rise of the consumer," the organization works with True North to educate the community on preventive care and health services through LiveWell. Click here to view the latest issue.

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