Print Isn't Dead...

by Lud Kimbrough, President and CEO - 04/10/15

…it’s now part of a total marketing package.


I recently found some survey results that got me thinking that perhaps today, even more so than a few years ago, digital and print are complementary.

The fun facts I came across were found in a customer survey we just conducted, as well as research from the UK Direct Marketing Association. Our readership survey of healthcare-content magazine recipients showed that 48 percent visited a website featured on the pages of the magazine, and the DMA survey found that 44 percent of direct mail recipients visited the sender’s website while 34 percent searched online for more information about the company or its services.

This week I made a purchase online based on an advertisement on a page I tore out of a magazine. Also, I regularly visit restaurant websites to view the menu and customer reviews after receiving their direct mail pieces. The research cited above and my own experiences lead to the obvious conclusion: Our retail behavior has retrained us to use print as a source of digital inquiry. We used to get a catalog and dial the 800 number to place our order. When is the last time you did that? Everyone I know just goes online to place their order sparked by the print catalog—thus the training we have received. 

And such is the lesson for marketers: Be sure your content drives action, and never stop paying attention to evolving consumer behaviors and making tweaks to meet those needs.

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