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by Angela Williams - 07/27/15

Our national reader preference data shows that readers respond best to soft-sell content with a lifestyle focus. Is your content hitting the mark?


You want to capture readers’ attention with relevant, engaging, helpful content. Read on for three tips to help ensure you’re putting a reader-friendly package in front of your audience—each and every time.

1. Run your article topics through the “What’s in it for the reader?” test. When you’ve answered that question, lead with that information. For example, if you want to talk to the community about new mammography technology available at the hospital, include an article about breast health myths or tips on performing breast self-exams. After creating that relevant connection with the reader, you can then tuck the details about the technology into the article and close with a strong call-to-action.

2. Give your experts a face whenever possible. You naturally want readers to be familiar with your medical staff and other hospital employees. When introducing someone to the community, though, include personal facts rather than simply talking about educational and career background. Doing so helps readers feel a connection with the person—making them more likely to choose your provider when they need medical care.

3. With digital content, be multidimensional. The average human attention span is now eight seconds. Capture—and keep—attention by including multiple hyperlinks to other resources in your e-newsletter or blog content. Those links allow readers to immediately access more information to answer questions that may occur to them while reading. Including bulleted lists or checklists, short paragraphs, and bold or italicized words or phrases are other easy ways to keep readers engaged.

Think your audience wants to read about new services, awards, and state-of-the-art equipment? Wrong. Research indicates a "soft-sell" approach with engaging, accessible topics is a more effective way to reach your consumers.

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