Putting on a Persona

by Rachel Stewart - 03/13/15

While marketers wear many hats on a daily basis, mind reading is typically not a tool in the arsenal. Yet a good deal of our day is spent trying to figure out how to engage specific audiences. Strategically slipping into their shoes” through buyer personas can prove effective.


Knowing your audience is the key to keeping them from skimming or scrolling past your content. If youve never considered using a buyer persona before, keep these four tips in mind to increase audience engagement.

1. Deal out the details. Truly knowing your audience goes beyond gender, location, and income. Consider their likes and dislikes, from favorite TV shows and snacks to favored forms of technology, where they go on vacation, and most-used social media platforms. Digging deeper allows you to create a three-dimensional persona the audience can relate to and emphasize with. Trying to reach multiple audiences? Construct extra personas to lean on as you build your latest campaign. 

2. Craft your message. Do your readers love Time magazine or the New York Times? Redbook or Men’s Health? The tone of your message should mimic a resource they depend on for facts and important information. Based on your audience’s preference, you can use infographics, slideshows, how-tos, and quick tip lists to grab their attention. Compose extra social media-based content to jump-start audience engagement and spark conversation. 

3. Launch the right message at the right time. Research shows that audiences check their email and social media feeds at particular times of the day. Consider weaving the time of day into your content for a stronger impact. Push this concept further by incorporating other spots of downtime, such as weekends, holidays, or spring and fall break periods. 

4. Continue the conversation. Your magazine or blog is just the first chapter in a long relationship. Whether it’s a question presented through a social media outlet or a call-to-action in a print article, asking for feedback lets your audience know you want to hear from them.  

Once you've created personas, the next step is finding your tone of voice. Here are four tips for making sure your messages come through loud and clear.

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