Spring-Clean Your Marketing

by Erin Mooney, Account Manager - 03/20/15

Whether you’re simply wrapping up the first quarter of 2015 or getting ready to plan next fiscal year’s budget, these tips can help ensure you keep, toss, and recycle strategies to generate the most ROI.


  • Refine your targeting. Toss your blanket marketing tactics aside and specifically target the individuals you want in your door. Don’t just tweak your content, but analyze how you reach the audience most likely to progress through your buying cycle. This can be achieved through predictive modeling and data analytics, which shed light on your best prospects and the best channels to reach them. 
  • Make over your content. When you look at the content you’ve created for a publication, e-newsletter, or blog, what do you see? If it’s full of facility photos and updates about staff, it may be time for a makeover. Ditch the “hard sell” and improve your ROI by writing “soft sell” content, such as food, fitness, or health (physical or financial) articles that match your readers interests. If youve developed this type of content in the past, review and recycle content that received the most attention.
  • Organize your delivery channels. An integrated content strategy across print, Web, email, and social channels allows you to more fully engage readers and collect information. Make sure you’re utilizing the channels that have been most effective—remember, you don’t have to use them all to be successful. Then, brainstorm ways you can better integrate those channels. Consider a digital marketing campaign and cross-promote it. You’ll generate familiarity with your brand, provide the information consumers are seeking, and guide them to action.
  • Fine-tune your measurement approach. Marketing strategies need continuous monitoring and adjustments to keep your tactics effective. Are you reaching the right audience? Is your content being read? What actions are readers taking? If youre unclear about any of these areas, it may be a matter of tweaking the audience, message, or delivery channels. There are a variety of strategies you can employ to measure performance, from simple mechanisms (surveys, phone numbers, calls to action, special offers, website visits) to more detailed mechanisms (product effectiveness research or member/patient/community perception research).

Need help sprucing up your marketing strategy? Limited resources mean competing priorities and overflowing plates. If you or your staff members aren’t experts on the task at hand—analytics, measurement, writing, design, and/or strategy—consider outsourcing to specialists. It will make your life easier by saving time and allowing you and your team to do what you do best.


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