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by Trevor Willingham, Copywriter - 04/21/16


You’ve heard it before and will hear it again: Content is king. With all this attention geared toward producing more content, marketers are beginning to strongly prefer a more personalized approach—a custom one.

Every day, Internet users produce more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. That’s about 2.5 billion gigabytes worth of content. Used correctly, custom content can be the tool you need to shine through the Internet clutter. Here’s how you can create better custom content.

photo-chris-restle.jpg“Content is critical, but content just to fill up space is a waste of your energy”
—Chris Restle, Director of Strategy and Insights

1. Understand the Power of Custom

While content takes many forms, it can all be categorized as either syndicated or custom. Custom content created especially to deliver your message to a target audience allows you to make the most of your efforts, no matter the channel in which you distribute it.

“Content is critical, but content just to fill up space is a waste of your energy,” says Chris Restle, director of Strategy and Insights, True North Custom. “Syndicated content contains just general information—think WebMD. While custom content may contain the general, it also offers hyper-relevant, hyper-local information, featuring your experts and your stories, and that creates demand for your services.”

2. Turn "Me" into "You"

Custom content should always be geared to meet your target’s specific needs.

“Custom content can’t be about me, me, me… it needs to be about you, you, you” Chris says. “The most successful marketers talk less about their organizations and more about what their target audience wants to know.”

Think of it as an opportunity to start a meaningful conversation with the demographic you want to reach. Share the things your organization can do to address your target’s specific questions.

3. Dominate the Decision-Making Process

“With changes in health insurance and higher deductibles, consumers now do the same level of research for healthcare services as they would before purchasing a car, house, or any other big-ticket investment,” Chris says. “Syndicated content is where people go first, but it’s not where they make their final purchasing decision. That’s what custom content can help them do.”

Without custom content, your organization may be missing out on arguably the most important part of the decision-making process—the sale. While syndicated content is a great place for people to perform initial research, it simply does not and cannot address a consumer’s specific needs and questions. Infuse your custom content with the information readers want and need to comfortably make a final decision.

4. Keep It Coming

“Google algorithms will reward you in terms of search ratings for having a regular flow of custom content,” Chris adds. “Frequently updated, high-quality content that doesn’t originate elsewhere will only push you up the list in terms of local search results.”

Learn more about how your peers are leveraging the power of custom content with the State of Healthcare Content Marketing 2016 survey report. 

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